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Madden 18 Franchise Top 10 Players To Trade ASAP

Madden 18

Everyone loves taking their favorite team to glory in Madden 18’s franchise mode, but some teams need a bit more work to find success than others.

Some teams need a full rebuild with long-time players being sent away while others just need some tweaks. But which players are worth keeping, and which are worth getting rid of?

That’s where we come in.

It’s time to go over some players in your online franchise that for a variety of reasons like father time is ticking, a younger guy is next up or he’s not as good as his overall suggest, you should consider trading as soon as you can.

So, without further ado let’s get to it 

10. WR- Allen Hurns (Jacksonville Jaguars)

One of the few things the Jaguars have gotten right the last few years is acquiring a bunch of good receivers, which as a result makes it a position of strength, which means they can afford to let one guy go without missing too much a beat. Which is why Mr. Hurns is number 10 on our list. With the addition of DeDe Westbrook and Marquise Lee (whose been the better player in Madden going on 2 seasons now) Hurns is clearly the worst of the Top 4 Jaguars receiving options. So, it’s time to take advantage of his decent overall and age and flip him for something more useful to the Jaguars organization.

9. TE- Cameron Brate (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

With the beastly OJ Howard taking over the starting tight end duties in Tampa Bay, Brate should become very available. That is unless you run a 2 tight end heavy offense, I would shop Brate to the highest bidder. He’s only 26, and has a good overall so you won’t have to make a crazy sells pitch to owners to get them to take him, he also has 80 speed with good receiving numbers so he should find a taker fairly quickly.

8. TE- Martellus Bennett (Green Bay Packers)

Bennet is a fine tight end ya know, great run blocker ad everything, but the Packers have a much younger version of him on the squad in Richard Rodgers. He’s not as strong or as good a run blocker year, but is a better receiving option. Then when you realize Martellus is only one point faster, it isn’t enough of a different to overlook there’s not point in starting Bennett other than better run blocking. Ship him out!

7. QB- Sam Bradford (Minnesota Vikings)

Considering both Bridgewater and Bradford are on the last year of their contracts, you’re going to have to make a choice on who you’re going to use longterm and it’s obvious which one you should choose, but if you want to get crazy and trade Bridegwater (which admittedly you’ll get way more for go ahead) But if you decide to rock with him, you can send Sammy Sleeves off to one of the numerous QB needy squads in your league and keep it moving.

6. WR- Doug Baldwin (Seattle Seahawks)

Baldwin isn’t that old, but at 28 he’s at that age for a receiver where you start fielding offers if you want to trade him before you can’t anymore because his ratings fell off a cliff. The good thing with Seattle is they have 3 young receivers ready to step up in Tyler Lockett, the rookie Amara Darboh and Paul Richardson. All 3 are faster than Baldwin and 25 years old or younger. And on a team, that’s loaded with stars, you can pluck Baldwin from one of their positions of great depth to shore up a weakness like runningback, offensive linemen or the cornerback position (other than Richard Sherman).

5. HB- Latavius Murray (Minnesota Vikings)

Murray went from thinking he was going to replace Adrian Peterson to being replaced in a few months’ time and now he lands himself in this video…crazy. Cooks is obviously going to be your go to runner in the backfield and Jerrick McKinnon has been one of my favorite backs in Madden the last 3 years so your not going to get fair value for this beast. Which sadly leaves the former Raider as the odd man out. Luckily his rating is fairly high and he has name recognition, so there will be a market for him if you let it be known he’s on the block, and people who have ever played against him knows he can get busy, so you won’t get any terrible offers.  Murray is just on the wrong team.

4. HB- Jeremy Hill (Cincinnati Bengals)

Like Latavius Murray, actually Hill would have been in this video had the Bengals not drafted Joe Mixon, because Gio Bernard is just that dude, but after taking Baby AP in the 2nd, Hill became extremely expendable. He’s one of the better young power backs in the game so he’ll have his uses, so use him to upgrade the Bengals positions of need, but his lack of blazing speed won’t get you any crazy offers so be prepared.

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