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Madden 18 Top 10 Rookies to Lookout For Part 1

Madden 18

We are counting down the days to Madden 18, and while we wait to get our hands on the game, we’re also looking forward to some of the 1st round picks that will be making their debut in the new game.

Some guys, like offensive linemen, you’ll barely notice, but others are primed to make an immediate impact as if their 10 year vets. So, here’s Part 1 of Sports Gamers Online Top 10 Rookies to Look Out For in Madden 18. Let’s get it

10. Corey Davis (Tennessee Titans)

Being drafted so high coming from a small school, your first thought with Davis is, is he really that good? At least in Madden, Like National Championship hero Mike Williams, he’ll be able to make the contested and circus catchers at an above average rating right from the start. But the reason he was drafted ahead of Williams was because he’s simply better at everything else the receiver position entails.

His route running is his calling card, and he’s a monster with the stiff arm after the catch so he has a little Anquan Boldin, T.O. in him as well, and in T.O.’s case unfortunately the inconsistent hands also: so, I expect his catch rating to be in the mid to high 70’s. But at 6-3, he really is the total package as far as rookie receivers go. Do you wish he was a little bit faster? Of course,…. but not everybody is Randy Moss.

Evan Engram (New York Giants)
40 Time: 4.42
Vertical: 36 Inches
3 Cone: 6.92

You guys remember Legedu Naanee? The Tight End on the Chargers during their Madden heyday. He was built like a wide receiver, but was listed at tight end, so he had 90 speed and was kind of unguardable. Well, Engram reminds me of him. His ratings to start aren’t going to let you moss linebackers and safeties or route up defenders, because that wasn’t his game in college as he was a pure speedster.

However, since he will be close to or probably above 90 speed if they just base it on his 40 time he’s going to cause serious damage to defenses. Your almost forced to either play zone or cover him with a cornerback and even them he still might outrun then. I mean what tight ends can you line up wide and have a pretty good chance of burning the corner.

Haason Reddick (Arizona Cardinals)
40 Time: 4.52
Vertical: 36.5 inches

Next in line of the amazing list of Temple defenders that include Muhammed Wilkerson and well Muhammed Wilkerson, Reddick worked out at the combine as a defensive end where of course he killed it at. He ran the fastest 40 time of everybody at a 4.52, which would have been 2nd among linebackers. He had the 3rd highest vert and was Top 10 in the 3 Cone. The interesting thing with him is he played as a pass rusher in college, but is being moved to inside linebacker on the Pros because he’s super little.

But don’t think he can’t cover as he walked on at Temple as a cornerback, now whether Madden guy in charge of rosters remembers this and gives him some love in his man and zone coverage ratings remains to be seen. Otherwise he’ll have decent pass rush ratings shall you decide to switch him back to rushing the passer, or you can rock with his near 90 speed and high vertical roaming the middle with his twin Deone Buchannon in Arizona.

O.J. Howard (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
40 Time: 4.51
Bench Press: 22 Reps
3 Cone: 6.85

Him being a tight end and coming from Alabama you already know he’s going to have one of the best run block ratings in the game not just for rookies, for all tight ends or else Nick Saban wouldn’t have played him. His stats weren’t the greatest at Alabama, so he’s basically all potential right now and maybe the reason he dropped so low. But him being 6-6, with high 80’s speed and a beast run blocker, I mean if you like Tight Ends, even though Engram might have the flashier speed rating Howard is where it’s at.

Marshon Lattimore (New Orleans Saints)
Age: 21
40 Time: 4.36
Vertical: 38.5 inches

As the best corner back coming out last year, I’m surprised he lasted until the 11th pick, but I’m sure the Saints are happy he did. There isn’t anything Lattimore will really be bad at come Madden 18. He ran the 3rd fastest 40 time with a 4.36 and had the 3rd highest vert.

In his only year starting for the Buckeyes he had 9 pass deflections and 4 interceptions so his ball skills are already top notch, so covering won’t be a problem with him and he just turned 21 which of course is a huge plus when targeting guys in your franchise and he should be able to lay the boom boom with the hit stick if watching his best hits are any indication. He was the best cover guy in the draft and with his athleticism and age should be the #1 rookie corner you target.

So Sports Gamers do you agree with the list so far? And if not, who do you think deserves to make our list? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below, and stay tuned for more Madden 18 content as we get closer to the release date so check back here daily at Sports Gamers Online!

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