Jan 26, 2021
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Madden 18 Franchise Tips: Top 10 Sleeper Cornerbacks

Madden 18 Top 10 Sleeper Cornerbacks

Another Madden year is underway which means another installment in the Top 10 Sleeper Series for Madden 18. In part six, Sports Gamers Online looks at 10 sleeper cornerbacks you may have overlooked. These are just a few athletes you’ll want to watch out for as they may give you an unexpected edge in your franchise. Be sure to check out the video above via YouTube or continue below for the video breakdown.

Madden 18 Top 10 Sleeper Cornerbacks

Welcome to part six of our Top 10 Sleeper series. Today we’re going over the guys tasked to defend the Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham’s of the world, the cornerbacks. So, let’s get to it.

Howard Wilson (Cleveland Browns)

Overall: 69

Age: 21

With the Browns cutting Joe Haden, Wilson slides up the depth chart to, at best, the nickel position on the Browns. However, given that that’s not too certain, he can be scooped up for cheap. He’s only 21, he has a great man coverage rating of 80 and zone of 77. That is about average.Considering his age and coverage starting numbers, he’s ahead of the curve as far as turning into a good coverage corner. Wilson will also come with 64 tackle, 69 hit power and 51 block shed making him a dangerous run defender as well. The only weakness with him is that he’s slow at 87 speed. He’s a very scheme specific player. If you run a Cover 3 scheme, he get exposed. However, if you like a Cover 2 style of defense, he’s a perfect fit to build into the next Antoine Winfield-Ronde Barber type.

Jourdan Lewis (Dallas Cowboys)

Overall: 74

Age: 22

Lewis is a great press man corner with 83 press and 80 man starting out. What he’s good at is obvious. He has average speed, but is a great tackler with great pursuit and block shed ratings as well. He’s going to stay glued to his guys unless it’s on streaks vs John Ross. If they manage to catch it, there’s a good chance he’ll bring them down as well.

Eric Rowe (New England Patriots)

Overall: 76

Age: 24

Rowe for the last 2 seasons has always been better than what his rating would suggest. He’s another good man press corner. In addition, because he’s seen as a safety coming out, he has a great tackle and hit power rating. You’ll combine all that with 91 speed and being 6 feet 1 inches tall. Considering the 2 studs in front of him, his availability is better than most. Rowe’s a good all-around corner, whose young enough to still build up into something better.

Anthony Brown (Dallas Cowboys)

Overall: 79

Age: 23

Brown is the second Cowboy on the list. What stands out for Brown is, of course, his 95 speed. His coverage ratings is what turns him into one of the must-have young cornerbacks in the game. He starts with 84 man coverage, 82 press and 77 zone. He’s very versatile in what he can do against receivers and having 95 speed gives him a chance to recover. Just off his speed alone, he will be hard to pry free from the Cowboys users, so your best bet will be in fantasy drafts.

Sidney Jones IV (Philadelphia Eagles)

Overall: 75

Age: 21

Jones’s age, 83 man coverage and 84 press is what’s on his side. Unfortunately, my boy is kind of slow. Fortunately, he has 91 acceleration so it won’t be that bad. He also sports one of the best catching, tackling and pursuit ratings in the game. So if he’s not matched up on Tyreek Hill, he’s a future number one corner for your squad.


P.J. Williams (New Orleans Saints)

Overall: 74

Age: 24

When the biggest knock on you is you can’t catch, you might be working with something. Williams has 90 speed and 95 acceleration. In addition, he has 70 tackle and 74 hit power as a corner mind you. Then, 79 press, 80 man and 82 zone coverage ratings. He’s one of those guys whose awareness rating completely nukes his overall. So he’s a prime target to snatch up on Saints owner who doesn’t know any better. You can have a low 80’s player immediately just by boosting his awareness up a bit.

Teez Tabor (Detroit Lions)

Overall: 73

Age: 20

Tabor has one of the highest catch ratings in the game at a 78. He also has great starting numbers. 83 man and 79 zone coverage, you get an extra year on most of the competition to build up and a 81 pursuit rating. He’s best played to start as an off coverage corner. That’s due to his lack of speed and Lions owners may start him opposite of Slay or trade him for a receiver or something, who knows.

Cordrea Tankersley (Miami Dolphins)

Overall: 72

Age: 23

The rookie has some pretty crazy numbers. He has 92 speed, 72 catch, stand 6 feet 1 inches and is a great man press corner to start. He has the height, athleticism and coverage ability to turn into a lock down corner especially if you can win rookie of the year.


Chidobe Awuzie (Dallas Cowboys)

Overall: 76

Age: 22

My personal favorite is Awuzie. He has good speed with a 91 and 92 acceleration. He hits like a truck with his 78 hit power and has 86 press coverage. He’s not the best zone cover corner to start as his strength is in man and he can’t catch. He has great potential for the Cowboys.

Quincy Wilson (Indianapolis Colts)

Overall: 74

Age: 21

Wilson at 21 is a pass coverage beast. It’s highlighted by 84 man, 82 zone and 86 press. Those numbers would be good for anybody let alone a rookie 21 years of age. Not to mention he has 77 hit power which will be fun to use on any completions. His weakness is he isn’t fast. You’ll want to keep a close eye on whose he’s guarding,; for the first 15-20 yards he will lock them down no doubt. So, it makes sense why Quincy Wilson sits atop the Sports Gamers Online Top 10 Sleeper Cornerbacks in Madden 18.

Alright Sports Gamers, do you agree with the list? If not, which cornerback do you think deserved a spot on the list? Leave it in the comments down below and stay tuned for the next part in our sleeper series where we tackle the safeties. Make sure to check back here daily at Sports Gamers Online so you don’t miss it!

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