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Madden 18 Franchise Tips: Top 10 Sleeper Tight Ends

Madden 18 Top 10 Sleeper Tight Ends

Another Madden year is underway which means another installment in the Top 10 Sleeper Series for Madden 18. This time around, Sports Gamers Online looks at 10 sleeper tight ends you may not know about. These are just a few athletes you’ll want to watch out for as they may give you an unexpected edge in your franchise. Be sure to check out the video above via YouTube or continue below for the video breakdown.

Sleeper Tight Ends in Madden 18

Jonnu Smith (Tennessee Titans)

Overall: 74

Age: 22

Jonnu Smith in Madden 18 isn’t really developed as a receiver. His receiving stats are average at best for a tight end. However, he has the tools with his 85 speed, 70 run block, 78 stiff arm and 80 juke to make him well worth the development effort. Do it right and Smith can become a force to reckon with on.

MyCole Pruitt (Chicago Bears)

Overall: 71

Age: 25

Pruitt is a pure receiver as he’s terrible at blocking. He’s a pretty decent receiver with 81 catching, 82 spec and 78 catch in traffic. You can plug him in as a #2, opposite of a more beastly tight end. With his speed and decent catching numbers he’ll fill his roll perfectly.

Thomas Duarte (Miami Dolphins)

Overall: 62

Age: 22

If you pass a lot and want another target that’s easily acquirable, Duarte is your guy. He has decent speed at 83, 83 spec and 70 route running. He’s a good #2 tight end right out the gate. He’s only 22 meaning you can build up even further. Just make sure you don’t run to his side because, he can’t block.

Demetrius Harris (Kansas City Chiefs)

Overall: 70

Age: 26

In college recruiting, certain players are simply labeled an athlete. That’s Harris. He has 87 speed, 88 agility and 89 acceleration. This is accompanied by an 88 jump. You would think he’s a future beast, however, his receiving numbers are very poor. He does have 82 spec catch which will let him put his crazy athletic numbers to use, but that 72 catch in traffic and 60 route running is a huge drawback. He’s old enough where his potential is at best a good #2 tight end who will average 15 to 20 yards a catch due to his speed.

Jeremy Sprinkle (Washington Redskins)

Overall: 71

Age: 23

Sprinkle is a weird one. He’s 6 foot 5 with 80 spec catch, but only 75 jump. He’s a decent run blocker with good speed, however, his route running ability and catch in traffic aren’t anything special. You should target those two categories if you get him. He could be a nice #2 tight end for you with his speed.

Maxx Williams (Baltimore Ravens)

Overall: 76

Age: 23

Despite only being 80 speed, Williams still makes due by being an above average receiver. Williams is good at a few special moves to create separation once he makes a catch. In addition, he’s a monster at blocking with 77 run block. Williams is basically your starter kit tight end. Not special, but won’t hurt you either.

Eric Saubert (Atlanta Falcons)

Overall: 70

Age: 23

The 6-5 Saubert, has 85 jump and 83 spec catch giving you a nice cheap vertical threat while also being one of the better tight ends after the catch so he can work the short game as well. So, you want to make your living with him building up his catch and traffic and dominating the middle of the field.

Bucky Hodges (Minnesota Vikings)

Overall: 71

Age: 22

I hyped this man up in a previous video and whoever is in charge of the ratings didn’t do him justice. Hodges, whose 6 foot 6, will have 87 Speed, 84 spec catch and 92 jump. You can line him up at receiver and he will hold his own with those numbers. Due to the low catch rating, he’s going to drop some gimmies early on. It’s still worth it considering the plays he has the potential to make right off the bat. Maximizing his value will require further development.

Darren Waller (Baltimore Ravens)

Overall: 68

Age: 24

As a wide receiver, he was super tall with decent speed. Since moving to tight end, he’s still super tall, but now one of the fastest at his position. He’s as pure of a jump ball tight end as they come being 6 foot 6 with 87 jump and 83 spec catch. You don’t want to see him coming down the seams. His route running and run blocking are going to need some serious work. Getting him in a regular team league will be tricky, but thankfully the #4 sleeper Tight end Maxx Williams is on his team. So, you’re bound to get one or the other. If Darren Waller is in the hands of a guy who passes a lot, check back and see what he looks like in a year or 2, it will be a scary sight.

Gerald Everett (Los Angeles Rams)

Overall: 75

Age: 23

Everett combines great speed with 88 acceleration and good starting receiving numbers of 79 catch in traffic, 81 spec catch and 66 route running to give him crazy potential as a receiver. He’s a good blocker as well and a beast with his yards after the catch. Rams owners would probably be so happy they have Sammy Watkins they would give him to you for a 5th or something. His only knock is he isn’t the tallest of tight ends. Other than that, you’ll want to get him ASAP; he has no other glaring weaknesses. So, it makes sense why Gerald Everett sits atop of the Sports Gamers Online Top 10 Sleeper tight ends in Madden 18 list.

Alright Sports Gamers, do you agree with the list? If not, who is a tight end that you’ve been getting busy with that you think deserved a spot? Leave it in the comments down below. Stay tuned for more Madden 18 content here at Sports Gamers Online and the next part in our sleeper series focusing on the offensive linemen. Check back here daily so you don’t miss it!

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