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Madden 18 Top 10 Rookies to Lookout For Part 2

Madden 18

Rookies are a big part of Madden’s yearly release. Roster sharing is nice, but fans want to play with the official players making their debut; some more than others.

We’ve already gone through the first five rookies to lookout for in Madden 18, but what about the Top 5?

Well, that’s why we’re here. So, without anymore delay let’s get to Part 2 of Sports Gamers Online’s top rookies to keep an eye on in Madden 18.

5. Christian McCaffery (Carolina Panthers)
Age: 21
40 Time: 4.48
3 Cone: 6.57
20 Yard Shuttle: 4.22

I like to use the Panthers online and in my leagues a lot, but I’ve always had to rock with power backs starting out to compliment Cam Newton in the run game with (the underrated) Johnathan Stewart and Mike Tolbert to name a few.

I remember trying to get busy with Fozzy Whittaker last year, because he had a little wiggle to him…. yea bad idea. So I traded for Gio Bernard, and it got real on that field in a hurry. So, I appreciate them drafting McCaffery as it’s pretty much game over for opponents trying to stop Cam who can run over you, and McCaffery who can break your ankles with the juke move.

If I had to compare him to somebody in the league, I would say he’s a supped-up version of Dion Lewis. I expect his receiving skills to be wide receiver-esque. If you’re the type of guy whose running back constantly leads his team in receptions, he’s your guy. And if you guys watched my Madden 17 sleeper series, I try to snatch up as many 21-year old’s on my squad as I can, because they receive the most XP and for a back, it’s super important as McCaffery could be built up rather quickly if you have a good year with him.

I can totally see him being a 1,000 rushing, 1,000 receiving type guy with the right user.

4. Soloman Thomas (San Francisco 49ers)
40 Time: 4.69
Bench Press: 30 Reps
Vertical: 35 Inches
3 Cone: 6.95

There are workout warriors who rise up draft boards simply because they looked good in shorts in February like a Vernon Gholston (sorry Jet’s fans), and then there are guys who killed it while also dominating in college like Soloman Thomas.

At Stanford, he had 8.5 sacks, ending the season dominating the guy picked one pick ahead of him Mitch Trubisky and his Tarheels. Now when I say Thomas killed it at the combine, I’m not joking. He was Top 10 in the 40 time for defensive ends, and was Top 5 in the bench press, vertical,3 cone and the 20 yard shuttle. If there was a test, Thomas was near the top.

He’s a great athlete who is strong as an ox, and considering he lived in opposing team’s backfields at Stanford, his bull rush should be pretty good to start. Teaming him up with Armstead and Buckner gives 49ers users 3 high potential pass rushers to have fun with. And for Madden 18, I’m also seeing a similar affect to what Joey Bosa had last Madden for Thomas, you know…if you played the Chargers or anybody who had him he was guaranteed for at least 2 sacks a game

3. Mitchell Trubisky (Chicago Bears)
Age: 22
40 Time: 4.67

Despite giving up all the picks to move up one spot, Bears fans got your Quarterback. That’s all that matters (we just went through this last year with Wentz, so I understand). In Madden at least, much like Wentz, his attributes will justify him being selected so high. He had a 4.67 40, so his speed will hover in the low to mid 80’s and combined with his probably mid 90’s arm strength makes him Madden QB Gold

2. John Ross III (Cincinnati Bengals)
40 Time: 4.22
Vertical: 37 Inches

When you run a 4.22 40 time at the combine, you’re going to land on many Madden players radar, regardless of what you did in college. Fortunately for Ross, he lit it up in college becoming a premier deep threat and receiving option for the highly-ranked Washington Huskies, ultimately getting him drafted 9th overall to the Cincinnati Bengals.

So, his receiving ratings should give you something to work with to start. He’s the closest thing the league has seen in terms of pure deep threat ability since DeSean Jackson was drafted, honestly. And being paired up with A.J. Green will give opponents defending the Bengals fits. The only concern with Ross to start will be what his injury rating will be, because the boy is no stranger to the injury report. But make no mistake as soon as he touches down in Madden 18, you better make sure your cornerbacks are ready.

1.  Myles Garrett (Cleveland Browns)
40 Time: 4.64
Bench Press: 33 Reps
Verticals: 41 Inches

Ok Browns fans, I could say he’s the next Courtney Brown but that would be mean. Y’all have been through a lot, so I won’t wish that evil on you because I like Garrett.

He’s looked 30 for the last 4 years, got to respect it. And in Madden, he’s going to be something between a prime Julius Peppers and Jadeveon Clowney. Not bad company, right?

He ran a 4.6 40, had 33 reps on the bench press and had a 41 inch vertical, just think of the possibilities with this man, that’s crazy….and with his pass rush moves and block shedding expected to be among the better defensive ends in the game, good luck blocking this dude. He’s going to be a dominant pass rusher from Day 1 and paired with my sleeper pass rusher from last year Emmanuel Ogbah, Browns owner’s you guys have 2 excellent pass rushers to build around for years. So, it makes sense why Garrett sits atop Sports Gamers Online Top 10 Rookies to Lookout for in Madden 18

Alright Sports Gamers, do you agree with the list? And if not what first round pick do you think will make one of the biggest impacts in Madden 18? Leave it in the comments down below, and stay tuned here at Sports Gamers Online for more Madden 18 info as we get closer to the release date.

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