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Madden 22 Equipment First Details

As expected, Madden 22 gets a much anticipated update with fresh equipment, roster features, and ratings calculation. Below, we’re excited to share details regarding new equipment. For those curious about details on rosters and ratings, check out our coverage here.

Madden 22 Equipment First Details

Let’s start with one of our most fan-requested additions: mouthpieces. While EA Sports added an initial offering of mouthpieces via Title Update in Madden NFL 21, in Madden 22 all the primary and secondary team colors will be supported across all modes. This includes both NFL players and created characters. Furthermore, this will be across current gen and last gen consoles.

Another fan-favorite feature coming to Madden 22 is fully functional sock height customization, including all striped socks. This means no matter how an NFL player likes to wear his socks, or how you, the gamer, wants to customize socks, all sock types in the game will respect the proper sock height across default, low and high.

EA has also added new color variations of arm tape, and offer both short and long variations for different styles in the tape length. New smoked and dark Oakley visor variations have also been added as options to customize helmet looks.

Madden 22

Speaking of helmets, a variety of new facemasks we saw being used by NFL players have been added into the facemask library. Here’s a full list of all the new facemasks you’ll see in the customization menus:

  • Speedflex 2 Bar WR
  • Revospeed Robot Cage
  • Speedflex Jewel
  • Speedflex Robot 808
  • Xenith Prowl
  • Speedflex Robot Z
  • Speedflex Halfcage 2
  • Vicis Kicker

To finish off player gear, here are the new cleats and gloves being added to Madden 22:

  • Adidas Updated Adizero Gloves
  • Adidas Freak Gloves
  • Nike Vapor Jet 6 gloves
  • Adidas Updated Adizero Cleats
  • Updated Adidas Freak Cleats
  • Adidas Nasty Cleats

We will continue adding more cleats and gloves via Title Updates later in the year from Nike and Jordan, so stay tuned for more information on those during the season.

Off  the field

Our NFL authentic equipment doesn’t stop with just players. We are also adding a few new pieces of coach gear from the official providers of NFL on-field gear — Nike and New Era — to ensure we are reflecting the latest styles to be used this upcoming season:

  • Updated Nike Coach Polo
  • Updated Nike Coach Sweatshirt
  • Improved Nike Coach Hoodie
  • Updated Nike Coach Hot Jacket
  • Adjusted Home/Away New Era Hat for all 32 teams
  • Updated Coach Visors for all 32 teams

Stay tuned for more equipment updates coming over the course of the Madden NFL 22 season!

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The speed flex robot Z and speed flex robot 808 do not fit on the helmets and they need to fix that