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Madden NFL 17 Money Play: Pats Y Post

Madden NFL 17 Money Play pats y post

Today we have a Madden NFL 17 Money Play out of the Patriots Playbook. It’s based out of Shotgun Trips TE and the play is called Pats Y Post. Take a look at our breakdown below and detailed video above!

Hot Routes

RB (R1 on PS4): On an option route

Y (Triangle on PS4): On a whip route

[Notes: You want to put the side the 3 receivers are on to the wide part of the field so you’re not limiting your space to work on purpose. Now being based in the Patriots playbook, It obviously helps if you have a good TE on your team with good spec catch and catch in traffic for the angle route, but more times than not he’ll be wide open with the hot routes we added.]

1st Read: RB (R1 on PS4)

Versus man defense, he’ll convert to an up and out route and as soon as he breaks to the outside, lead pass to the sidelines away from the defender and vs any type of zone coverage, he’ll convert to a curl route where you want to bullet pass to him if he can find a hole in the zone and if he’s not open he’s still occupying an underneath defender for another receiver on a later read so your still good.

2nd Read Y (Triangle on Ps4) 

Against man coverage, his route is not an option, and vs Zone if clear throw to him if the defense leaves him open or if he beats the flat defender in Cover 2 3 or 4 to the corner because sometimes the in route can occupy the flat defender leaving the whip open, which is why it’s important to play the 3 receivers to the wide side of the field so you  have plenty of space.

3rd Read B (or Circle on PS4)

Versus Man you lead pass to the sideline as soon as he breaks to the outside (which also defeats the zone coverages that have inside defender man up on vertical routes.

Against Cover 2 because you set the formation to the wide side of the field, the underneath corner even in the most conservative of Cover 2’s won’t get back far enough to cover the amount of space the post route must work, so it’s your job at this point to lead pass away from the free safety towards the sideline.

Against Cover 3, you want to undercut the pass in front of the cornerback and against Cover 4, you’re throwing away from the free safety and in front of the cornerback. The only way your opponent stops this route  is by hot routing the corner in Cover 3 or 4 type coverages to try and jump the pass, user the Safety or user the underneath defender and follow him, which leads us to our last 2 reads.

4th Read X (Square on the PS4)

Against Man his route is unbumpable, so lead inside once he comes into view and vs zone his job is to prevent the previous read from being covered by any underneath defender by running directly underneath him, or else it’s a guaranteed 5 to 10-yard gain.

5th Read A (Triangle on PS4)

Versus Man defense you want to aim down with the left stick and hold a to activate the possession catch so you’re throwing a bootleg back shoulder throw, because against computer man defenses the defender will turn his back to the tight end once he angles back towards the middle.

Versus zone, you want him to fill in the gap between the safeties and the underneath defenders, which hopefully the running back is holding one of the them short so that’s one less guy you must worry about undercutting the route and you just throw a nice high pass down the middle.

I like the play because it mixes quick hitter routes with deeper routes that work together, so you have an answer if each receiver is covered, and forces the opponent to start hot routing players out of position or usering guys they’re not comfortable with to defend it.

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