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Madden NFL 18 Franchise Tips: Top 10 Sleeper QBs

Top 10 Sleeper QBs Madden 18

Another Madden year has begun which means another installment in the Top 10 Sleeper Series. This time around, Sports Gamers Online looks at 10 sleeper Quarterbacks you may not know about. These are a few you’ll want to watch out for as they may give you an unexpected edge in your franchise mode. Be sure to check out the video above via YouTube or take a look below for the video breakdown.

Top 10 Sleeper QBs

What’s good Sports Gamers? With another year comes another year of Madden and another year of our Top 10 Sleeper Series. This is where we help you find the diamonds in the rough. that aren’t as coveted by others. These players are athletes who you will be able to develop and ball out with. Today, we start with the Quarterbacks. Alright lets get it!

Chad Kelly (Denver Broncos)

Overall: 68

Age: 23

Wasn’t this guy in the Heisman Trophy running last year? How did he last until the 7th round? He’s definitely attainable from Broncos users unless you run into the one who just so happens to be a Ole Miss fan. He’ll come with 80 speed, 91 arm strength and 80 throw on the run. He’ll take a lot of work to build up but if you want to go super cheap and out there, for a sub 70 rated QB he’s one of the best you will find.

Brett Hundley (Green Bay Packers)

Overall: 69

Age: 24

He’s the fastest quarterback on the list at an 85 and because of his ratings, he’s best utilized in a read option heavy offense. Or, if you throw a lot of short passes. He has the highest short throw accuracy on the list at a 87, but his mid and deep throw accuracy bombs. So, he already has a defined set of skills that, if you stick to, he won’t play like a 69 overall. Considering he’s fast and has 90 throw power, the potential to turn him into something more is there.

Trevor Siemian (Denver Broncos)

Overall: 76

Age :25

The former seventh rounder who somehow is still the starting QB in Denver, despite being a placeholder, is pretty solid in Madden. He is young enough for you to build up into a decent starter. He doesn’t have the best throw power at 88. However, he makes up for it with above average accuracy ratings. Especially deep, where he sports a 78 rating. So like I said, if you need a quarterback to play with for a season or 2 until you find something better that will come cheap, he’s a great option especially with Broncos owners likely favoring Lynch.

Cody Kessler (Cleveland Browns)

Overall: 75

Age: 24

I actually got Kessler out of the free agency in one of my leagues last Madden. Now, that should tell you people sleep on him. He’s a slightly faster Siemian, while trading deep throw accuracy for being better in the short game. Having a logjam at the quarterback position on the Browns, he won’t be hard to get. That is if whoever owns him doesn’t cut him first.

Jacoby Brissett (New England Patriots)

Overall: 72

Age: 24

A repeat from last year, Brissett isn’t a rookie anymore so I had to drop him a bit. However, Brissett still has 94 arm power and is pretty fast with a pretty low overall. Getting him may be tricky. Pats user might give him to you for the low, another might trade Brady and start him ASAP because he has the arm Garrapolo doesn’t. It’s a case by case basis. Which makes sense when you can pair him and Cooks up for many years of Deep ball goodness in your leagues.

Davis Webb (New York Giants)

Overall: 73

Age: 22

The heir apparent to Eli? Maybe? Probably? We’ll see. He has the sweet combo of 79 Speed and 93 Arm Power. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to build up his accuracy for him to be a good QB moving forward. Fortunately, having Odell, Sheppard and Engram around for the long hall will help in his development.

C.J. Beathard (San Francisco 49ers)

Overall: 72

Age: 23

Another guy you can snatch up and get that extra rookie of the year XP with is C.J. Beathard. I was looking at the rosters and dude’s numbers are low key nice. 78 Speed and 81 Accel. 91 Arm Power. Of course, with guys like him when its looks too good to be true it usually is. His accuracy ratings are around average so if your able to get over the occasion ball thrown in the stands he’s a nice build up target. Especially if you can win an award with him.

Nathan Peterman (Buffalo Bills)

Overall: 72

Age: 23

Nathan Peterman might end up being the starter in Buffalo in real life soon. You might as well make it a reality in Madden. While Taylor obviously has him in speed, Peterman is no slouch himself with 78 and 86 acceleration. He’ll have 91 throw power and average accuracy ratings across the board making him a nice rookie QB to build up. Acquiring him from Bills owners will be fairly easy because while Tyrod might not be long for Buffalo, he’s a good fairly young fast QB in Madden still. So, Peterman will come cheap.

Joshua Dobbs (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Overall: 72

Age: 22

Dobbs is perfectly suited for that read option Cam Newton type of offense. Quite frankly, he has the running numbers of a back. Actually, before you go out there trying run crazy he has 56 carry, so build that up ASAP before you do. Dobbs has 77 truck, 77 elusiveness, 77 spin and 86 juke move. That combo of numbers only Cam and Russell Wilson can top. Then, to round it out, he has a pretty good arm at 91 throw power and his accuracy ratings are just about average. So, he has solid starting QB build up numbers, but with his running ability it brings a uniqueness to him that not many QB’s have. For my Steelers future owners out there, once Big Ben retires on you, Dobbs isn’t a bad option at all.

DeShone Kizer (Cleveland Browns)

Overall: 75

Age: 21

Well I mean on the bright side, if you’re a Browns user you have 2 Quarterbacks you can build up with the best being the former Fighting Irish Kizer. He’s an above average athlete with 78 speed and 83 acceleration to go along with his  83 throw on the run so you can definitely put him on the move. To top it off, he has 95 arm power which is great for any quarterback. His accuracy rating short isn’t great, but has one of the better deep throw accuracy ratings in the game at a 76. With him being 21, his potential is through the roof. It makes sense why DeShone Kizer sits atop Sports Gamers Online Top 10 Sleeper Quarterbacks for Madden 18.

Alright Sports Gamers, do you agree with the list? If not, who is a QB you got your eyes on or played well with so far? Leave it in the comments down below. Stay tuned for more Madden 18 content here at Sports Gamers Online. Check back here daily so you don’t miss anything we put out!

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