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Microsoft Acquisition Could Change Gaming Landscape

Microsoft Acquisitions

Major rumors have surfaced claiming Microsoft is looking to make huge acquisitions this year. According to rumors, the software giant is looking at EA, PUBG Corp or Valve. While all are major pluses, two of them have major implications on the gaming market.

Microsoft Looking to Make Big Changes

None of the acquisitions listed would be a small feat financially. However, as Microsoft has proven, if any company can do it, it’s them. Bigger companies are always looking to bolster their ranks. Nevertheless, given that Microsoft has stated interest in improving their gaming division, these rumors may just carry some weight.

Microsoft Electronic Art?

Microsoft has dropped the more superior hardware in the console market with the release of the Xbox One X. However, the family of consoles have still struggled with their game catalog when compared to the PlayStation. Formally, acquiring any portion of EA make a huge dent in the library gap. Imagine any section of EA titles from sports to popular shooters under the EA banner being exclusively on the Xbox One. Additionally, EA and Microsoft may already be aligning ambitions. The success of Xbox Game Pass will undoubtedly be even stronger with EA Access under its umbrella.

Steam the new Microsoft Store?

Windows has pretty much always been the premiere PC gaming platform. Acquiring Valve Corporation puts Microsoft in majority control of its PC market with Steam and Steam products coming underneath its umbrella. While it wouldn’t necessarily box out competitors like EA Origin, it definitely makes it that much harder for any client software to hold its own.

Of course, nothing is solid just yet. It’s highly likely any news of this magnitude will be on hold until E3.

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