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Major Update on Future of Gridiron Champions

Gridiron Champions

After nearly a year of silence, IMV Gaming, the studio behind the fledgling Gridiron Champions college football game, has taken to Twitter to provide an update on the status of the game.

To keep a long story short, the company as it stands is no more, leaving the future of the game in jeopardy with a release appearing more and more unlikely.

“As of today we would like to break our silence,” the company began before going into detail on what has transpired over the last year. “Before securing their [a lawyer and advisor] services in, they promised us a swift process and access to their network of investors. These individuals continued to create new obstacles for us to cross in order to get access to this network and at every obstacle there was a new paywall.”

It was then claimed that all of the money collected via an insider pre-sale was given to the the aforementioned lawyer and advisor totaling “in excess of $300,000.”

Without coming right out and saying it, the tweets alone give a clear sign that Gridiron Champions will not be releasing anytime soon, if at all. IMV Gaming said that they will be refunding all funds given to them via the original pre-sale. However, there is another hurdle to cross in order to even do that.

“We obviously don’t have the money right now, as these individuals took all the money that we had and more,” IMV Gaming said. “However the second our team secures any new money, refunds will begin to be disbursed until everyone has been paid back.”

Whatsmore is that IMV Gaming, as it stands, is no more. The process, according to the Tweets, will be starting over in order to create the game. That said, there is no intention of “raising any money via the general public.”

As far as blame is concern, IMV Gaming is placing it fully on themselves, stating that the company and its executives take full responsibility for the actions.

With no money to their name, many who have invested are questioning how or when they’ll get their money back. With one Twitter user stating, “How do we go about getting issued our refund, I don’t mind it taking a while but I did invest $500?”

To get the money, IMV Gaming states that it will all be done privately via investors and that it will make a public announcement when “enough money” has been raised to begin processing those refunds. To add to it, it was said that once the process of sending out refunds begins, emails will be sent out to all pre-sale owners with steps on how it will be done.

Again, all signs point to this being the death knell for Gridiron Champions ever seeing the light of day, but IMV is adamant that it still hopes to release a game in the future.

“We aren’t giving up,” the company said while also mentioning they are ready to head into further litigation against the parties they claim have defrauded them.

With the account protected, you can see the Tweets for yourself in the gallery below.

What are your thoughts on the latest developments surrounding Gridiron Champions? Let us know in the comment section below.

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