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NCAA Football: Maximum Football Wants in on the NCAA Video Game Business

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The NCAA this week announced that its board voted to allow student-athletes to profit off their name and likeness. Immediately after the announcement, speculation was abound as to whether a new NCAA game would be developed in the near future. And it appears Maximum Football is looking to get the jump on the competition.

NCAA Maximum Football Game

On their Twitter account today, the Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football team announced their interest in making a college football game in 2021 with accurate player likenesses. This would be the earliest a college football game with accurate player likenesses could be released, as the NCAA board directed its three divisions to make the necessary changes to the bylaws regarding student-athletes by January 2021.

In their tweet, the Maximum Football team wrote, “Following the recent news from the NCAA’s Board of Governors, we are now exploring possible royalty structures to include College Football player likeness in our 2021 game release.”

When the NCAA broke the news earlier this week, it seemed all the attention of a new video game went to EA. And that really shouldn’t be surprising. After all, EA was the publisher of college football games from 1993 to 2013. On top of that, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said at the Wall Street Journal Tech Conference last week that his company would “jump for the opportunity” to make another NCAA game.

But, Maximum Football has been pushing to bring college football back into the video game landscape for quite some time. Back in March, Maximum Football partnered with Phil Steele’s College Football magazine as part of their new U.S. Dynasty mode, featuring 27 Canadian and 130 U.S. college football teams.

However, Maximum Football could not implement authentic NCAA team names and logos into this year’s game. The developers announced that back in July, as the NCAA felt that it was too much of a legal risk to enter a licensing agreement.

Fast forward to today, and the legal landscape looks a lot more different. And Maximum Football is already looking to find eligible college football players to put in their potential 2021 game. The Maximum Football team has a form on their website that eligible college players can fill out should anyone be interested in being included in the game. If you’re a college football player and are interested, click here to find the form.

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