Feb 17, 2021
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MLB The Show 16 Gets Two Interesting New Modes

mlb the show 16 new game modes

Sony’s upcoming MLB The Show 16 is coming with two interesting new modes as part of Diamond Dynasty.

The first mode, Battle Royale, is basically EA’s Ultimate Team mode. Players draft 25-man teams using cards. They then take their teams in to double elimination tournaments against other players. Like Ultimate Team wins reward cards and winning a lot can earn players better cards like Nolan Ryan.

Conquest, the second new mode, is far more interesting and off the beaten path. In Conquest, players have to, essentially, take over a map of America by defeating the other MLB teams via missions. It appears to be similar to a game of RISK or Lux. It’s an interesting way to change up the game.

MLB The Show 16 drops on March 29 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.


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