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MLB The Show 16 Graphical Improvements

mlb the show 16 mondays graphics improvements

It’s MLB The Show Monday, and that means GameStop has another video on MLB The Show 16 for us. This time, the subject is graphical improvements. This video is largely about the new rendering system, which we’ve already heard about in the past. If you didn’t read about it then, there’s never been a better time than now. Either way, the game is looking pretty beautiful!

MLB The Show is entering its third year on PlayStation 4, and with it they are introducing physically based rendering. This means that they have changed how light reacts to metallic and nonmetallic surfaces, smooth and non-smooth, and glossy and non-glossy surfaces. This makes for much more detailed textures and reflections based on what type of surface something is. For example, looking at a glossy black surface on the sidelines could give you a reflection of the stands or the foul pole or the benches.

Additionally, this year’s game has the best night-lighting model of any MLB The Show game, thanks to some graphical breakthroughs. This video showcases these improvements in the game by showing some of the ways this applies to in game textures.

While this may not seem huge to someone who just wants to play a baseball game, this improvement is actually rather significant, and is something that improves the game quality as a whole. Overall, MLB The Show 16 looks like a refined version of earlier years with these graphical improvements.

Check back for more updates and reveals leading up to the March 29th release date. And as always, follow us on Twitter and YouTube to stay up to date on MLB The Show 16 news.

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