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MLB The Show 16 New Features Part 2: Diamond Dynasty & Graphics Improvements!

Our second breakdown of MLB The Show 16 new features will be focusing on Diamond Dynasty, flashbacks, missions, and graphics improvements.

Diamond Dynasty now allows you to play versus friends, which was not available in previous years. Inside Edge partnership will change player attributes and matchup ratings each day which makes MLB The Show 16 that much more realistic.

Flashback cards are a new addition that will see current players flashback to a different point in their career. Within this, there will be rookie, prime and postseason flashbacks. So you could find a David Ortiz prime card, or a Manny Machado rookie card. Flashbacks are all about bringing fans and players nostalgia of some of their favorite players.

Missions are another way to acquire cards, XP, stubs, and items when you play diamond dynasty. This year you can trigger missions by collecting cards, accumulating stats, or logging in during certain events. Playing any mode will earn you XP and tickets that you can spend in your “captains” store. Each captain has unique levels, items and missions.

Graphic improvements are huge in MLB The Show 16. Physical rendering is the technical term, but here’s what it does: this is how light reacts to metallic and non-metallic surfaces to a name a few. This new rendering engine makes the show look as realistic as ever before. There are no longer “flat” reflections. Every surface has its own qualities that light react differently with.

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