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MLB The Show 16 New Features Part 3: Player Morale, Classic Stadiums and Player Accessories!

In our third edition of MLB The Show 16 new features we will be covering stat-tracking, player morale, classic stadium and player accessories.

Full stat tracking is now implemented. Every basic and real life statistic throughout a player’s career is now tracked. Advanced stats like wins above replacement (WAR), and field independent pitching (FIP). You can go back and check any players’ entire career stats in any game mode.

Player morale is a huge addition to MLB The Show 16. As a general manager you now have to consider your players’ happiness as another thing to balance. This can also effect a player’s attributes. A player unhappy with his salary is one that may be under-performing as well due to his discomfort. It works both ways though, as a happy player can have higher than normal attributes. When picking up players for your team you do not just have to think about if they are a good value and needed on your team, but you also have to think about if they would be a good fit and what kind of morale they may have. Contract negotiations have been fine tuned as well to update immediately as you alter the deal.

Open and closed roofs are now available for chase field, Minute Maid Park, Safeco Field, Miller Park, Roger Center and Marlins Park. We now have classic stadiums available on PlayStation 4 only. Shibe Park, Crosley Field, Forbes Field, Sportsman’s Park, Polo Grounds, and Griffith Stadium are all available to play as these new classic stadiums.

You can now edit player and accessories in the game this year. Create-a-player has been improved to be much more user friendly. Three unique broadcast modes have also been designed to keep things fresh.

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