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MLB The Show 16 New Features Part 4: Battle Royale & Conquest

mlb the show 16 new features donaldson

Today we are bringing you an inside look at MLB The Show 16‘s new game modes: Battle Royal and Conquest. We will go through both modes to give you a better sense of what they are all about.

Battle Royale:

In Battle Royal you compete versus other players in Diamond Dynasty after drafting a team. Winning will you a chance at some awesome rewards. The first time you enter is on the hous, but after that it will cost you 1,500 stubs each time you wish to enter. Win or lose you get a standard pack, so you get something out of it regardless of how you do. Here is a breakdown of prize milestones.Battle Royale

Once your team is drafted you face off against someone else who drafted their team in a three inning contest. Exclusive flashback and legend cards are available through this mode as prizes for getting certain amounts of wins.



The second of the new modes they added into MLB The Show 16. Conquest is an online single player mode where take your diamond dynasty team versus 30 MLB CPU teams. You compete with other teams for fans, which will determine which difficulties you can play on. Conquest is a turn based strategy game where you need to obtain fans and conquer new territories using your fans. Conquest games are also three innings. Depending on how many fans you have in an area, you can chose to sim a game and it will tell you if you have a low, medium or high chance of winning the game.
Both of these game modes seem very different, and each seem to be appealing to different people. Although, I can’t wait to get my hands on both of these modes.
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