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MLB The Show 16 Server Update #2

MLB The Show 16 Server Update 2

Today MLB The Show 16 will undergo Server maintenance from 3 am until 5 am PST. For those looking for the first roster update it won’t be until 11th or the 18th because there are so many new players needing approval. Server Update #2 fixes and change notes are listed below:

1. InsideEdge, added special cases for special character in the CSV file. special N especially.

2. Conquest PHASE VICTORY went missing, users should now be able to complete the Conquest.

3. Inside Edge increased size field for notes due to more data coming from IE. Please see these changes within Diamond Dynasty.

4. Show live pulls yesterday’s data for “more info” we should then display THAT data and not pull another day’s data.

5. Show Shop now fixed for Japanese region, voucher only territory. Bundle voucher packs can now be redeemed in-game.

6. Fix for inning stat missions and faction missions. users no longer have to go advance the mission for it to update.

7. Feeding no sell cards to Dynasty player still enabled, but made lineup generation protect itself against people with low amounts of players. «NEW

*To test, please make sure you have the minimum amount of players on your DD team to field a team, which includes a Dynasty player. Then try to feed cards from your lineup to your Dynasty player. You will encounter an invalid roster/lineup issue in this situation, but that’s the best we can do for now. Users will have to manually fix their teams.

Check back daily for all of the latest MLB The Show 16 Updates and Tips.

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