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MLB The Show 16 Tips: Finding the Right Hitting Camera

MLB The Show 16 Tips Hitting Camera

In MLB The Show 16 there are tons of hitting cameras to choose from. Today we are here with a detailed video exploring which hitting camera is right for you. Let’s take a look at these different views and which ones are favored by many. We have highlighted the cameras in red that are preferred for performance by us.

Fish Eye
Fish Eye was used primarily in many of the livestreams. It looks amazing for presentation and gets a good amount of the stadium in the picture, but it is not the best for pure performance.

The Show 15
The default view from the previous installment of The Show. It looks like a slightly more zoomed in fish eye.

This camera is set up giving you a full view of the batter and up the foul line until about first and third base respectively.

This is an MVP Baseball-like view that gives you a view from the bottom half of the strike-zone and shows much more vertically and less horizontally.

Offset 2
This looks the same depth as retro, but the camera angle is moved slightly more inside.

Strike Zone
This angle gives you a view straight from the strike zone. This camera angle puts a focus on performance and less so on presentation. All you see of the batter are his elbows and knees.

Similar to fish eye, but somewhat less wide. This angle has some very good presentation aesthetics.

Similar to wide, but gives you a greater sense of depth perception. This angle also captures the entire batter’s box.

Offset Zoom
Similar to the strike zone view, this camera angle gives you a close up view of the strike zone. This also gives you more of the batter’s box in the angle.

The Show 16
This is very similar to The Show 15 view, but slightly offset.

Catcher High
This view also looks very similar to The Show 16 but is set up slightly higher.

Overall, the more zoomed in cameras in MLB The Show 16 allow you to focus better on the pitch and see exactly where it is going. Strike Zone, Offset Zoom, and Zoom are the three best for playing online and make it easier to pick up the pitches. Everyone has their own preferences for hitting cameras, but these are just some of the ones that could make it easier when you are at the plate.

Hopefully now you know which batting camera best suits you.

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