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MLB The Show 16 Top 10 Players and Legends At Each Position!

MLB The Show 16 Top 10 Players

Today we’re bringing you a look at the highest rated players and legends in MLB The Show 16. We run through each position and give you an inside look at some of their stats.

Starting Pitchers:

Tom Seaver and Clayton Kershaw highlight this category, both at 99 overall ratings. Nolan Ryan also caught my eye, who is someone that I think could be very fun to play with.

99- Tom Seaver

99- Clayton Kershaw

96- Nolan Ryan

95- Max Scherzer

95- Jake Arrieta

95- Zack Greinke

94- Gaylord Perry

94- Juan Marichal

94- David Price

94- Chris Sale


Relief Pitchers:

Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller are the highest rated relievers by a good margin at 90 overall. Koji Uehara also looks very good this year.

90- Dellin Betances

90- Andrew Miller

87- Koji Uehara

84- Joaquin Benoit

84- Darren O’Day

84- Ryan Madson

84- Hunter Strickland

84- Tony Watson

84- Kelvin Herrera

84- Carter Capps


Closing Pitchers:

The legend Dennis Eckersley is the best closing pitcher in the game at 94 rated, but only by a small margin. Five other pitchers are 93 rated.

94- Dennis Eckersley

93- Wade Davis

93- Craig Kimbrell

93- Billy Wagner

93- Kenley Jansen

93- Rollie Fingers

92- Aroldis Chapman

89- Mark Melancon

88- David Robertson

87- Zach Britton



Johnny Bench and Yogi Berra both look amazing in this game. Buster Posey also looks very good in this game, but I am very interested in Carlton Fisk.

98- Johnny Bench

95- Yogi Berra

94- Buster Posey

93- Gary Carter

87- Brian McCann

86- Carlton Fisk

84- Matt Wieters

84- Russell Martin

83- Yadier Molina

82- Jonathan Lucroy


First Base:

Paul Goldschmidt and Jeff Bagwell top off the position, with it being rounded out by players like Anthony Rizzo and Willie Stargell. Compared to the lacking catcher position, there are plenty of great first basemen’s this year to go around.

96- Paul Goldschmidt

96- Jeff Bagwell

94- Miguel Cabrera

94- Joey Votto

94- Orlando Cepeda

93- Edgar Martinez

92- Will Clark

92- Anthony Rizzo

90- Harmon Killebrew

90- Willie Stargell


Second Base:

At second base we have two more 99 rated players- Jackie Robinson and Joe Morgan. Overall the second base top 10 is decent, although it is very top heavy.

99- Jackie Robinson

99- Joe Morgan

94- Jose Altuve

94- Ryne Sandberg

90- Dee Gordon

88- Robinson Cano

87- Jason Kipnis

87- Dustin Pedroia

85- Brian Dozier

85- Ian Kinsler


Third Base:

Mike Schmidt and Josh Donaldson really stick out here as a step above the rest. George Brett also looks insanely good though, and you’ll want to try all three out.

99- Mike Schmidt

96- Josh Donaldson

94- George Brett

94- Manny Machado

93- Nolan Arenado

92- Eddie Matthews

88- Brooks Robinson

87- Adrian Beltre

85- Matt Carpenter

85- Evan Longoria



Cal Ripken Jr. and his 95 durability highlight the shortstop position this year. Barry Larkin and Troy Tulowitzki are other high rated players at this position that look to be very entertaining to play with.

95- Cal Ripken Jr.

94- Barry Larkin

93- Troy Tulowitzki

93- Robin Yount

93- Ozzie Smith

93- Ernie Banks

91- Carlos Correa

88- Brandon Crawford

85- Francisco Lindor

84- Xander Bogaerts


Left Field:

One of the best players to ever play the game, Ted Williams at 99 rated is the best left fielder in the game. Luis Gonzalez and Ralph Kiner also stand out at 93 rated.

99- Ted Williams

93- Luis Gonzalez

93- Ralph Kiner

92- Cliff Floyd

90- Justin Upton

87- Michael Brantley

87- Joe Carter

86- Ryan Braun

86- Starling Marte

84- Matt Holliday


Center Field:

Mike Trout is leagues ahead of the competition at 99 rated with the next best at 94. Andrew McCutchen also looks very good this year.

99- Mike Trout

94- Andrew McCutchen

91- Steve Finley

90- Jim Edmonds

89- Carlos Gomez

89- Kenny Lofton

88- Yoenis Cespedes

88- Lorenzo Cain

87- A.J. Pollack

86- Adam Jones


Right Field:

Al Kaline and Bryce Harper top off what looks to be one of the most stacked positions. When Bautista, Cruz and Cargo are your bottom three, you can tell the position has a lot of options this year.

97- Al Kaline

97- Bryce Harper

95- Tony Gwynn

95- Andre Dawson

94- Dave Winfield

93- Giancarlo Stanton

91- Reggie Jackson

89- Carlos Gonzalez

89- Nelson Cruz

89- Jose Bautista


That is all for our top 10 rundown of each position. Let us know what you think below in the comments. MLB The Show 16 drops in two days on March 29th.

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