MLB The Show 17 Intro & FAQ

Can’t wait for MLB The Show 17? We’ve got the full intro here in full 1080p HD 60FPS and an FAQ with all you need to know below. It’s almost time to take the field. PlayStation Store lets you pre-load and play MLB The Show 17 immediately at launch: 9 PM Pacific on Monday, March 27th.

The Show 17 FAQ

Where can I pre-order? has all the info you need.

Will I be able to pre-load?
Yes! Pre-loading should start sometime on Saturday 3/25/17.

If I pre-order 2 different editions, do I get both the bonuses?

Will this be released on the PS3 or is it only PS4?
The Show 17 is PS4 exclusive.

Will it support the PS4 Pro?

Are Year-to-Year saves still in?

It says if I pre-order I’ll get stubs for The Show 16. Is this a typo?
Nope – if you pre-order through the PSN you will instantly get stubs for The Show 16.

How do I get the New Era hat?
That is exclusive to the Hall of Fame Edition, which is only sold by GameStop.

How many new legends in The Show 17?
30 new unique legends, and some with multiple variations.

What are the new OVR ratings?
90-99 = Diamond
85-89 = Gold
80-84 = Silver
70-79 = Bronze
0-69 = Common

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