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MLB The Show 17 – Top 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW Before You Buy

MLB The Show 17 Top 10 Things You need to know

We are now within days of the official release of MLB The Show 17, and the excitement levels have never been higher. Before you start playing here are the Top 10 things you need to know before buying the newest installment of The Show.

1. No More Previous Gen

The Show 17 will be the first installment of the series to be made for only the PS4. With San Diego Studios no longer having to worry about the old console, they can now focus on making the best next generation experience that the franchise has seen so far.

2. Diamond Dynasty Is Better Than Ever

In The Show 17, Diamond Dynasty is going to be at its absolute peak. With over 700 new flashback players, and tons of new missions and content, there is going to be plenty to grind for in this years Diamond Dynasty experience.

3. Pave Your Path

Road To The Show is going to be undergoing some big changes in the next few years, and it all starts with MLB The Show 17. With the new Pave Your Path feature, it introduces a documentary style story into the game, where you can make choices that will alter the path of your career. This involves situations where you speak to coaches, scouts, and other important people in your career. This is the right direction for The Show to go in for one of its signature gamemodes.

4. New Faces

Player models have received a huge upgrade in The Show 17. Instead of looking rather soulless, players now are much more accurate to their real life counterparts. Not to mention that the graphics have been upgraded as per usual, with better lighting and textures.

5. Franchise Improvements

Franchise has also had some slight improvements made to it this year. The player lock feature has been revamped to allow you to take over as a player for the whole season, so you can take control of your favorite players. There is also a new setting that allows you to control only the most important situations in games, similar to what Madden 17 introduced last year. One other notable addition is the manager mode, which is a text based simulation style mode where you can control things without having to play.

6. New Announcers  

After years of the same announcers, things are finally being shaken up. Harold Reynolds and Dan Plesac are making their debuts as color commentators in The Show 17. Hopefully they will bring some better dialogue and personality to the commentaries.

7. MLB Network

Along with the new announcers comes an upgrade to the presentations. They have now been fitted with MLB Network’s looks. This is another well needed update, as it strays away from the rather generic looking scoreboards and lineup screens that The Show has had over the years.

8. Retro Mode

Retro Mode is one of the more interesting new features in The Show 17, as it is very different from everything else the game has to offer. Similar to RBI Baseball, it is an arcade style mode that calls back to baseball games from years past. This standalone gamemode looks to be a healthy dose of gameplay variety for the franchise.

9. Catcher Throwing Meter

Similar to the showtime feature added last year, the catchers meter slows down the game and gives the player a better chance to throw out a runner stealing. By putting the user in more control, it should eliminate plenty of annoying moments caused by opposing team’s baserunners.

10. New Hitting Engine

One of the bigger changes in MLB The Show 17 is the more realistic hitting engine. Compared to older games, the ball will now slice and bloop more like it does in real life. The developers have described it as more realistic, and that the old hitting was similar to a ball hitting a wall. Now, with this improved, there is going to be plenty of new types of hits in The Show 17.

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