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MLB The Show 16 Tips: Pure Analog Pitching

With the new precision input being implemented in MLB The Show 16, choosing the proper interface that fits your skill-set and style the best is even more important this year.

This year I can truly say that Pure Analog Pitching is the most satisfying and rewarding interface to use for pitching.  Not only does it reward you more for more precise inputs, but when you make a mistake it is because you messed up and no one else.  You have full control on where your pitches go and only your skill-set can determine the effectiveness of your pitching.  With other interfaces, such as Meter, I feel like the same statement cannot be said.

Lets first discuss the basics on how Pure Analog works and I will also throw in some pointers.

Pure Analog is actually pretty simple to understand.  You control both the vertical and horizontal axis in where your pitch goes.  Simply hold back on the RS when you want to start your windup and push forward towards the direction you want to pitch once the ball is near the line on the meter.  It really is as simple as that and simply just takes a little bit of practice to get a feel for how the interface works.

Now lets discuss what affects the ease and control-ability of utilizing this interface.  The Pitchers’ control attributes for each given pitch affects how easy it is to locate your pitches and makes using the interface less sensitive.  The BB/9 attribute affects how consistently you will hit your spots when you have successful inputs on the analog.  Also, fastballs will always be easier to locate than breaking balls and pitches that throw slower will also be easier to use.

Finally, here are some pointers for using pure analog pitching!

1- Practice, Practice, Practice.  I recommend creating a RTTS pitcher and only using Pure analog pitching.  It is fun and will get you plenty of practice in a short span of time.

2- Try different Kontrol Freeks.  I prefer convex ones because I like to start my thumb at the bottom of the RS and it rolls over naturally.  I noticed it was more difficult with concave Kontrol Freeks, however.  This is personal preference though and everyone will prefer something different.

3- Try starting your thumb placement at different spots and get a feel for what is getting you the most accurate results.  Again, I like to start mine at the bottom of the RS, but you may also want to try putting your thumb directly over the top of the RS.

I have a sub 2 ERA right now by using Pure Analog pitching versus stellar competition in Diamond Dynasty.  So definitely give this interface a try if you have not already!

Let us know if this helped you out in developing your pure analog pitching, and drop a comment below.

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