Feb 27, 2021
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MLB The Show 17 Diamond Dynasty New Legends & Latest Details

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We’re now almost one month away from the release date of MLB The Show 17, and Diamond Dynasty looks like it’s going to be better than ever before. It’s already confirmed that there will be over 700 new cards in the game this year, so the mode will be packed with plenty of new content.

Along with there being all these new cards, the rating system for Diamond Dynasty has been changed a bit. For the last two games, cards that were rated 93-99 were diamonds, the highest card ranking, but now it’s been brought down so that cards that are 90-99 are diamonds. The overall needed to be a gold, the second highest card tier, has been changed a bit as well, as previously a card would have to be anywhere from a 85-92 to be considered a gold card, but now it is 85-89.

In last year’s game, there were 5 main types of different cards. These were the live series cards, rookie flashbacks, prime flashbacks, postseason flashbacks, and legend series flashbacks. In MLB The Show 17, there is going to be some new card types in the game. There are 2 “sets” of cards, and within these, we get a Rookie series, Breakout series, Impact Veteran series, All-Star series, Postseason series, and Hardware series. This shows that there is going to be plenty of different kinds of cards in the upcoming game.

Checkout the latest Retro Mode Gameplay from IGN:

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