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MLB The Show 17 – Features and Customization

MLB The Show 17

MLB The Show 17 Mondays

Although it came to Facebook on a Wednesday, MLB The Show Mondays kick off with a round of information regarding visual enhancements and in-game customization. In a short two minute video, San Diego Studio discusses a few things to expect in MLB The Show 17. Below you can find a breakdown of the video and what to expect.

Features and Additions

  • The pitching portion of the game features new user-interface art.
    • In addition, the UI gives timing feedback.
  • As mentioned previously by Ramone Russell, there is now more hit variety.
    • MLB The Show now has more hit variety then any other baseball game.
  • Players will find there is improved AI logic for pitcher substitution.
    • Season mode now includes Pitcher, Player, and Rookie of the Month awards.
  • MLB The Show has a new revamped player creation suite.
    • This includes options to change height, weight, favored hand and much more.
  • Diamond Dynasty teams can now sport the New Era Griffey Caps.
    • There are 5 new fonts for the Diamond Dynasty logo editor.
    • There are 30 new additional legends.
    • Diamond Dynasty cards will also appear during batter walk-up displays.
  • The Universal Profile gets an upgrade as well.
    • There are new features like stat-tracking, leveling and achievements.
  • Also, Retro mode will be featuring commentary from Ken Griffey Jr. during gameplay.

For more details, you can watch the original video here on Facebook.

Preorder MLB The Show 17 to receive 10 Standard packs and one digital Ken Griffey Jr. card. If you preorder exclusively through Gamestop, you get an additional 5 Standard packs bringing your total to 15 Standard packs.

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