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MLB The Show 17 Franchise Mode Details Revealed

MLB The Show 17 Franchise Mode

As the hype surrounding the latest installment of MLB The Show continues to grow, Sony San Diego has released a brand new vlog detailing improvements coming to Franchise Mode in MLB The Show 17.

The video details goals that are passed down from ownership to general managers in order to improve team revenue and results on the field. Success will lead to potential contract extensions while failure will lead to being shown the door.

The scouting system appears to be mostly the same from MLB The Show 16 with cosmetic changes as well as a speedier menu system.

The biggest changes seem to be in the form of ways to help players get through games and multiple seasons quicker than ever. Critical Situations allow you to play in only the most important parts of the game like a two-out, bases loaded scenario in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Players can now also lock onto a player, and only play moments that player is involved in. Think of it as bring Road to the Show over to Franchise Mode. Finally there is quick manage which allows you to just make lineup and strategy changes throughout the game while watching the results on a gamecenter-like screen.

MLB The Show 17 launches March 28 for PlayStation 4. Stick to Sports Gamers Online for full coverage of the latest installment from Sony San Diego.

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