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MLB The Show 17 Gameplay Changes – In-depth Look

MLB The Show 17 Gameplay

MLB The Show 17 Gameplay

In a recent video, Sony San Diego Game Designer, Ramone Russell meets with IGN to discuss changes to MLB The Show 17 gameplay. The eight-minute video touches just a few of the leaps MLB 17 makes over last year’s game.

Changes Explained

Below, you can find some of the details Russell goes over in the video.

  • Humanity AI: CPU-controlled players on the field will be more aware of who is doing what at any time during play.
    • For example, shortstops will behave with more urgency when speedsters take the plate. Shortstops will play animations that get the ball out faster in appropriate situations.
  • Catch and Throw engine: Players will not be punished as much for missing initial branch points.
    • Due to the new engine, there are several branch points during run and catch sequences.
  • Cat & Mouse Gameplay: The entire suite for base stealing and controlling the run game has been overhauled.
    •  The most noteworthy change is the Catcher Throw meter. Players will use a press/hold/release-within-a-certain-margin style button mechanic to get players out during a steal attempt. Russell quotes that the meter will be affected by the stats of the catcher.
  • Ball Physics: This time around, the ball code is simulated around a round ball hitting a round bat. The physics are even effected by things like batter’s height and wind current.
    • As a result, there are a ton of new hit types in MLB The Show 17.
  • A minimum of 1,000 new animations: Russell confirms that the team has added at least 1,000 new animation to this year’s game.
    • That means players will see new pitch animations, home-run sequences, handshakes, batting stances, celebrations and faster arm whips for throws, just to name a few.

Get Ready for a Home-run

In the video, Russell also mentions cosmetic additions as well. Everything from shoes to bat tape has been expanded upon including options within create-a-player. You can watch the full video here or on Youtube. This is just a taste of what players can expect to find in MLB The Show 17.

MLB The Show 17 is set to release March 28, 2017.

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