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MLB The Show 17 Gameplay, Legends & Retro Mode Livestream Analysis

MLB The Show 17 Livestream Gameplay Analysis

With the release date for MLB The Show 17 fast approaching, we’re starting to learn more about some of the game’s new features. Let’s take a look at some of the cool new things San Diego Studios showed off in their first live stream for their upcoming game, and see how these new things could change the game. Some of these new things include a pair of new legends, new fielding animations, new catching mechanics, and of course the highly anticipated Retro Mode.

New Legends

In this first livestream, we were introduced to two brand new legends, who are making their first appearances in the series. The first of the two is a Rookie Series, 81 overall Ken Griffey Jr. from 1989. This will likely be one of a few versions of a Ken Griffey Jr. card. This rookie variant is a pretty good hitter, especially against right handers, and looks to be an amazing fielder, and should be able to pull off some of the great plays Griffey made early on in his career. You can get this card on launch day by preordering the game. The next legend is starting pitcher Warren Spahn, and he is a 97 Overall postseason flashback. Spahn will probably be one of the best pitchers in the game, as his stats are very good, and he has a good variety of pitches to choose from.

New Animations

As is the case with every new MLB game, there has been thousands of new animations added to make it more realistic. Last year, I personally experienced many odd animations while fielding a ground ball or catching a fly ball that led to the batter being safe, and it looks like this is not going to happen as much in the new installment of the show.

New Catching Mechanics

Another very important thing in the upcoming game is the new catcher’s meter. This allows the player to have more control over the catcher when the try to throw out a stealing baserunner. It is similar to the showtime aspect that was introduced last year, but looks like it can be used in any gamemode to make catching runner easier. Of course, it comes with the option to turn it off if you don’t like the new feature.

Retro Mode

Of course, the devs showed off the mode that everyone wanted to see the most, Retro Mode. This is the first time that anything like this has been in the series. It looks a lot like it’s only competition on the market, RBI Baseball, and it looks like The Show has outdone them again. Retro Mode captures the charm of the old arcade style baseball games, while keeping the smoothness that MLB The Show is known for. It looks like this game mode is going to be a great success.

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