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MLB The Show 17 Graphics & RTTS Improvements

MLB The Show 17 Graphics & RTTS Improvements

MLB The Show 17 Graphics & RTTS Improvements

SIE San Diego Studio released their newest livestream this past Thursday, March 16. The first part of the stream featured a number of vast graphical improvements while the second portion focused on “Road to the Show.” Below you can find the highlights of the MLB The Show 17 Graphics & RTTS improvements livestreams.

Graphics and Aesthetics

The graphic improvement portion of the stream hit several key points.

  • Lighting
  • Faces
  • Grass Tech
  • New Head Rig
  • Classic Stadium Tours
  • And Player Models

Lead by Ramone Russell, the video goes into these aspects at length. Here we bring just a few of the best highlights from their presentation.

  • First, the team dove into the character presentations and models. This features a new face rig that allowed them to mo-cap and create facial expressions using capture performances.
  • The art team introduced new blend shapes which allows them to create more defined facial features and smoother animations.
  • In addition, the developers added a whole new set of skin shaders and a more in-depth color palette for create-a-player skin tones.
  • Along with skin shad ers, improvements to environment and prop materials have been made. Specular energy gets a facelift as well, as players will notice a visual upgrade to how light plays across many surfaces and materials in the game.
  • Grass in The Show 17 has also been handled differently. Before, they simply used a set of textures; now geometry has been added to the grass. As a result, light and shadows will now play across the individual blades of grass.
  • San Diego Studio has also added a host of new stadiums reaching so far a total of 80.
  • Near the end of the video, they also revealed several options for PS4 Pro owners.

PS4 Pro Options

PS4 Pro Options

  • Lastly, there was an introduction of added legends like Buddy Bell and Lorenzo Cain.

Road To The Show Improvements

The second portion of the stream dove deeper into RTTS and touched on three main points: “Pave Your Path,” new hairs and Live Team Preview. You can watch the full second portion here on Youtube.

  • The character team removed the original 17 presets and added a total 49 new head presets. Additionally, these presets cover a spectrum of diverse ethnic head styles.
  • The same applies to new hairs and facial hair styles. Also, a large selection of the hairs are modeled after actual players.
  • Ramone Russell finally reveals the new catcher style animations available to you in RTTS. He also covers the new home-run swings and celebrations as well as what they hope to do in the future for these animations.
  • Lastly, the key highlight is the “Pave Your Path.” RTTS uses a documentary style presentation to demonstrate the consequences of the player’s choices and how they affect the narrative as the game advances.

Be sure to watch the full videos on Youtube here and here, there is a lot to cover before MLB The Show 17 launches March 28, 2017.

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