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MLB The Show 17 Patch 1.11: Minor but Important Improvements

MLB The Show 18

MLB The Show 17 patch 1.11 recently dropped adding improvements for both online and offline play. The patch mostly fixes broad issues that affect all players at specific times. Animation problems and minor fixes make up the majority of the patch. However, there are a few changes that do affect more than just visuals.

For online gameplay, patch 1.11 fixed these issues:

  • Fixed the release point for several pitchers including Jordan Walden, Chris Devenski, Michael Fulmer and Huston Street.
  • Left handed pitchers will use quicker throws more often when fielding weak ground balls or bunts down the third base line.
  • Fixed the countdown timer not appearing for Daily Missions.

In offline play, patch 1.11 addressed these issues:

  • Improved catcher and pitcher animations efficiency when handling balls in the dirt around home plate.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow the visiting team to bring in a relief pitcher, without the starting pitcher facing the batter.
  • Addressed a soft lock with Pat Venditte when entering the bullpen against a switch hitter.
  • Fixed Target Field’s overhang being incorrectly called a double (now counts as a home run).

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