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MLB The Show 18 Patch 1.11 Out Now, Patch Notes Included

MLB The Show 18

Today, San Diego Studio (SDS) released Patch 1.11 for MLB The Show 18.

The update is attempting to build on Patch 1.10, which made massive adjustments to hitting and the PCI system. Patch 1.11 promises to better reward players for good PCI placements and increase fielder urgency. Here are all the details on the new patch.

Most importantly, SDS says Patch 1.11 will provide players better results for good PCI inputs. Per TheShowNation, the patch notes for this change are as follows:

“Good PCI placement is rewarded more. Specifically, the left/right placement of the PCI is more important now for hit types. Above the PCI will still be a fly ball and below the PCI will still be a groundball, but lining up the PCI accurately left/right will expand the cutoff between a fly ball or a popup more than before.”

The general problem was that PCI’s centered on the ball were sometimes generating weak or below average contact. With this patch, every time the ball is centered the PCI, a ‘good’ contact result is triggered. This does not guarantee a home run, line drive, or even a hit. It simply means the ball will be hit hard and struck well. SDS reiterated this, saying, “Batter and pitcher attributes, along with the user’s input, are still the most important factors. Also, remember that good hit type results DO NOT guarantee success (you can hit the ball hard and still line out). This is a change that will better separate player skill and better match user inputs with game results.”

Even after multiple patches addressing infielder and outfielder urgency, players still pointed out instances where outfielders would not hustle after the baseball, especially following botched plays in the outfield. Below are two examples, the first being pre-patch and the second being the updated version.

Before Patch 1.11, outfielders would not fully sprint or hustle after misplayed balls.
An example of a defender hustling following Patch 1.11.

Hopefully, this patch finally puts to bed the days of fielders jogging after the ball, and not throwing the ball quickly enough to ward off cheesy online players.

You can view the full patch notes here.

Tomorrow, MLB The Show 18 will receive yet another large content update. A roster update featuring attribute changes and new content are set to drop. Check back with us, as we’ll have all the details on the changes.

What do you think of the latest patch for MLB The Show 18 Diamond Dynasty? Are you having more success online after this update? Let us know in the comment section below.

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