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MLB The Show 18 Reveals Diamond Dynasty Details

Though many of us dread the start of another week, it does however, mean the release of new information on the MLB The Show 18. This week’s video highlights changes to the popular card-collecting Diamond Dynasty mode. It comes complete with a look at the brand new layout for this year’s programs where you’ll grind for coveted legends. It also showcases new collectibles that can be attained and exchanged. All this in addition to welcomed adjustments to how created players will be upgraded.

MLB The Show 18 Mondays

While giving a sneak peek at some of the game’s menus, the video reveals all sorts of smaller missions within a flexible program system. This means you’ll have more options  start to working towards the bigger programs and unlock legends like Ted Williams. Immortal legends will also play more like their real-life counterparts.

A new feature has also been added, allowing players the chance to collect souvenirs. Players can accumulate hats, uniforms, autographs and yes, even bobbleheads from their favorite teams and players. These can then be used in a revamped exchange section to be redeemed for rewards.

Many fans of the game will be excited to learn that created players within Diamond Dynasty have also been updated. This year will include more balancing in an attempt to reduce the likelihood of overall 99’s. Instead, created players’ upgrades will be tied to position-specific missions and based on archetypes that will see these formerly invincible creations deal with various strengths and weaknesses to their game.

Have a look at the official video above and see for yourself what changes are coming to MLB The Show 18‘s Diamond Dynasty mode.

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