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MLB The Show 18 Update 1.05 Released

MLB The Show 18 Update 1.05 Released
MLB The Show 18 has released a patch that aims to fix a lot of the issues users have had since the game launched on March 23rd (for pre order users) and March 27th for majority of players. Take a look at the full Patch notes below and the video below for more details and examples of gameplay changes.

Online Specific Improvements

-Fixed an issue were the game would freeze if both users paused or entered the menu simultaneously

-Fixed a crash that occurs from the button accuracy throw meter being activated

-Better visibility regarding the map in Conquest mode

Offline Specific Improvements

-Road to the Show training attributes were adjusted to assure pitchers were receiving the points they deserved, and a better distribution of the points between all of their pitches

Universal Fixes

-One of the biggest complaints in the early season has been the pitch speed, so there has been a “slight increase” in the pitch speed. So hopefully, you won’t be getting “early” on majority of your swings anymore

-Fielding animations were adjusted as well, so if your controlling the fielder you are now able to grab more ball outside of the ball marker

-Lastly, fixed a ground rule double glitch, that was specific to playing in Yankee Stadium

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