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MLB The Show 18 Update 1.06 Released


Though the game is just a week old, MLB The Show 18 has seen another patch (version 1.06) released. Take a look at the full Patch notes below and the video above for more details and examples of gameplay changes.

Universal Fixes

-When there is a runner on 1st with 2 stops, the Shortstop is now able to shift in extreme shift alignments

-Player head tracking for specific pitchers were improved during pickoff attempts

Online Specific Improvements

-Minor Adjustments have been made for better responses to checking your swing and pulling back your bunts at the last moment.

Offline Specific Improvements

-Attribute values have been adjusted to Road to the Show players to balance regression

-Fixes to clothing items clipping


-Fixes to subtle audio queues during the game

-Music reverb through the PA systems

-Delay when the strike out music plays for more realistic timing

-Fixed an issue were stolen base music queues were playing after strikeouts

-Fixed several consumer reported crashes

-Various other minor big fixes and adjustments throughout the game

So, what do you guys think of the patch update? The server issue has been my biggest issue so far and I hope that gets fixed soon.  But so far, I’m been really impressed with how quickly the team at MLB The Show have gotten these updates out.


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