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MotoGP 17 Officially Announced

MotoGP 17

Milestone, a racing games producer from Italy, is back with a new title.

MotoGP 17 has been officially announced with a release date set for June 15, 2017, in Europe, excluding Germany, and Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and South Africa. The next day, on June 16, the game will be released in Germany.

There is no set information available for US release or prices yet, but it is expected to still be released in June.

The Italian software house, who released other racing games in the past, through the lead developer Michele Caletti, declared that “MotoGP 17 will reach 60 FPS for the first time, guaranteeing unprecedented performance and extreme enjoyability.

“The big challenge,” he said, “was to get the 60fps goal without visual quality compromises. We have also optimized the 3D assets, the shaders, being able to keep the quality up, while making them significantly lighter.”

The game will also feature a new online mode and a revamped career mode.

The game’s 60 FPS ability definitely sounds interesting, especially for console players.

The game will be available on PS4, Xbox, and PC/Steam. MotoGP 17 is already available for pre-order and it will have a price of €49,99 (PC version)/€69,99 (console version) in Germany.

Price may vary in different countries.

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