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Mutant Football League Enters Alpha

Mutant Football League

Just two months after the end of the resounding success that was its latest Kickstarter campaign, Mutant Football League has hit the Alpha stage of development.

The newly updated game now includes a limited Season Mode, Playoffs and Online Play. However, due to being in Alpha, online play isn’t polished in terms of visual syncing. So, let that just be a warning for those expecting a flawless performance while playing.

Mutant Football League
A look at the team selection screen in the Alpha’s season mode.

The newly updated Alpha version of the game is available to backers of certain levels during the campaign. All backers who purchased a copy of the game will receive an update once the game enters Beta.

For more on Mutant Football League, check out our exclusive story on the voice of the MFL, Tim Kitzrow as well as a look at how the game came back from the brink of death.

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