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NASCAR 21: Ignition Reveal and Pre-Order Details

Today, Motorsport Games announced their newest NASCAR game will be available for pre-order very soon. Players can pre-order the newly dubbed NASCAR 21: Ignition starting August 11.

Pre-order NASCAR 21: Ignition starting this month

Utilizing the Unreal Engine, NASCAR 21 allows players to experience the  thrill and atmosphere of the NASCAR Cup Series. Players will feel immersed in the NASCAR Cup Series, having access to the garage area and pit road before each session. In addition, the game features voiceover from MRN Radio and 23XI Racing’s Freddie Kraft. Players celebrate victories with their crew in the victory lane sequence.

In NASCAR 21, fans will also experience all-new physics and dynamic AI thanks to Studio 397’s rFactor physics engine. The overall result is more in-depth and engaging races across the board. For a more personal touch Ignition also offer a brand-new Paint Booth. Here, racers access an unrivaled level of customization allowing the creation of personalized NASCAR Cup Series paint schemes complete with iconic race numbers.

For that true simulation feel, Ignition features official racetracks featured in the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season, including the Circuit of the Americas, Daytona Road Course, and Nashville Superspeedway. Plus a fully curated soundtrack with artists such as MGK, Imagine Dragons, Aerosmith, Luke Combs and more. You can check out the different NASCAR 21: Ignition editions and what they offer below.

NASCAR 21 Ignition

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9 months ago

Thank you guys for this awesome game. I’m looking forward to playing the greatest nascar game that we ever had in years. I’ll be using a Thrustmaster T500rs wheel with clutch. I’m hoping the game is as close as possible towards sim , for those of us who have really good racing skills and are capable of handling our car. There are many adult nascar gamers who are really looking forward to a more sim-like racing experience because of our driving skills. Hopefully there will be rank lobbies to separate the experience drivers from the inexperienced drivers. Thanks again to all of you who have put so much time and effort into this game.

8 months ago
Reply to  Duck

Yes, and hopefully the game will allow adult nascar fans and gamers to enjoy the game ‘without’ having all of the racing skills of people like you. I got news for ya, there a 1000 times more of us than people like you. But seriously, I really hope it’s a nascar game for everyone!

9 months ago

Your blog is very informative.