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NBA 2K17 Tips: Best 3 Point Plays

NBA 2k17 Best 3 Point Plays

What’s good Sports Gamers and welcome back to our NBA 2K17 favorite plays series, where today I’ll be going over my favorite three-point plays in NBA 2K.

Play Name: 06’ Horns Option “3”

Playbooks: 05’ Phoenix Suns

Set Up: You want to make sure whoever you call the play for doesn’t currently have the ball when you activate the play, and whomever of your PG, SG or SF that you don’t want shooting is the guy you’re bringing the ball up with.

You initiate the play by passing down low to your big man, where from here two corner pin down screens by your big and the guy you brought the ball up with are set for the two guys in the corner (the guy you called the play for and the secondary shooter).

This play obviously is set up for your big to get a lot of assist as he’s the facilitator, but don’t be shy to take advantage of the clear lane your four teammates give you either, and attack the rim yourself.

Play Name: 90’ Quick 2 Fist

Playbooks: 90’ Cleveland Cavaliers

Set Up: Another play where you make sure the guy who the play is designed for is off the ball, but this time the ball handler is the secondary scorer as he will receive a ball screen for a shot, and if he can’t get open the main option is receiving a screen as he runs baseline.


Play Name: Quick 2 Drag

Playbooks: Chicago Bulls

Set Up: You start the play by receiving a double screen at the three-point line for whoever you decided the ball handler to be and if he’s defended well a backside screen for the primary guy occurs with the same two screeners.

I like it because the second screen is happening away from the direction you’re moving with the ball handler so it’s harder to track for your opponent.


Play Name: Quick 3 Side 81 Fist

Playbooks: Houston Rockets

Set Up: Now this is a slick one. To start, the ball handler receivers a double screen towards the corner for a shot, and if the screen didn’t create enough room for him, the guy you called the play for who was a part of the double screen receives a back screen from his teammate as he breaks the other way.

Now if he also couldn’t get open a horns screen (two ball screens at once) will happen which gives the ball handler a two way go and you go from there.


Play Name: Quick Fist 4 Dive B

Playbooks: Los Angeles Lakers

Set Up: This play is sweet simply for the fact you have an off-ball screen for one player and a ball screen for the ball handler at the same time, so if the defense takes one away the other should be there for you.

So guys, I hope I helped you further your offensive game even further and can now go out there and dominate when you really need that bucket. And stay tuned for more NBA 2K17 content here at Sports Gamers Online!

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