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NBA 2K17 Top 10 Worst Shot Releases!

nba 2k17 shot releases worst

We’ve showed you our players with the Top 10 shots releases, and we even showed you the commentators top 10 shot releases. Now we’re bringing you our players with the Top 10 Worst shot releases in NBA 2K17.

10. D.J. Augustin (Orlando Magic)

Release Time: Quick

Shooting Form: Patrick Ewing

Shot Base: Jump Shot 41

Last 2K, with the same jump shot, Augustin was basically a shorter Steph Curry whenever I used him. I really didn’t know his release point, and I think I let it go at a different point every time, but it went in…a lot.

Despite his body looking like he struggles to lift off the ground and his arms barely moving to release the ball, I was pretty much balling with him using smoke and mirrors.

But this year? It’s been brick city all day. The glory days are officially over, and I have no problem now putting his doo doo shooting form on blast. Here’s to you, D.J.

9. Tony Allen (Memphis Grizzlies)

Release Time: Normal

Shooting Form: Release 23

Shot Base: Set Shot 17

Allen is on the list because of the deception. If you’ve never seen him shoot before it looks like he’s about to jump smooth into the air, but then he’s like nah  bruh and gets about two inches of hangtime. Throwing your timing all off, and you don’t even have a good look at the ball until he about at the top of his already limited jump. It’s a shot you would see a 35-year-old at the gym rocking.

8. Myles Leonard (Portland Trail Blazers)

Release Time: Normal

Shooting Form: Release 99

Shot Base: Jump Shot 58

Slow awkward white guy with a slow awkward shot…match made in heaven. A player that has a shot release that has a delay before they put the ball into the air is a big no no for me. You want to catch and shoot instantly and your conditioned to expect that type of quickness when you pass it to somebody.

Leonard’s release is like shooting on lag in a way.  He’s a good shooting big, so you’re going to have him out on the perimeter shooting open J’s, but it’s kind of hard to fully utilize him when his shot takes you so out of the rhythm of the pass that you’re receiving.

7. Tyreke Evans (Sacramento Kings)

Release Time: Normal

Shooting Form: T.Evans

Shot Base: Set Shot 4

Another pet peeve of mines is guys who flick the ball behind their heads when they shoot as I find it’s harder to time. It’s a double negative if the player who possesses that shooting form can’t shoot to overcome it, so here we are.

With Tyreke Evans he just flicks the ball towards the hoop, and you just got to hope for the best.

6. Trevor Booker (Brooklyn Nets)

Release Time: Normal

Shooting Form: J.Smith

Shot Base: Jump Shot 58

I know he’s a post up player, and after seeing that release……..I know why

5. Elfrid Payton (Orlando Magic)

Release Time: Normal

Shooting Form: Release 81

Shot Base: Jump Shot 63

This dude… I’ve long hated Elfrid Payton. Back when my Sixers drafted him, and he forced me for 5 minutes to imagine the horror of a Carter-Williams, Payton backcourt.

And for some reason, every 2K league I join halfway thru, he’s always on the team I get. He can’t shoot and his shot release is garbage, it’s Tyreke Evans shot on steroids he shoots like how Aaron McKie use to, and I’m surprised he could shoot with that thing back then.

You can’t even have a run where you hit 2 or 3 jumpers in a row because he’s garbage to the max, Elfrid you trash.

4. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Charlotte Bobcats)

Release Time: Normal

Shooting Form: Release 100

Shot Base: Jump Shot 16

One of life’s greatest mysteries is how Kidd-Gilchrist was drafted 2nd overall with a shot release like this.  I mean, yea, he’s good on defense, but so are a bunch of players. The way his elbow is positioned when he shoots just should not be possible. So, it’s no surprise he can’t score on anything but dunks and layups. And then he ramps up the ridiculousness by jumping 10 feet in the air on his shots.

Once you hit the shoot button, first you’re regretting that decision immediately and second it’s so much going on with his elbows flying and legs to distract you, I would honestly be impressed if you consistently hit the same release point with him everything.

3. Al Horford (Boston Celtics)

Release Time: Normal

Shooting Form: Release 69

Shot Base: Set Shot 5

His shot release is about as lazy as his play looked at points this season, and the meter just zooms up so you’re going to get a lot of way early or late releases. It’s frustrating because being able to hit a jumper is Horford’s bread and butter, but when his shot release is so janky and he barely jumps, it’s hard.

Imagine passing to him with a defender barreling down on you to win the game, your either bricking or getting your shot sent to the 10th row.

2. Jeff Teague (Indiana Pacers)

Release Time: Normal

Shooting Form: Release 115

Shot Base: Set Shot 7

I remember when I first saw came across his shooting form way back when, I had to look it up to see if he really shot like that. I mean why? He’s not seven feet, so this show is either getting blocked or affected by defender’s way more than any other point guard because for some reason he shoots the ball in front of him. Which means if your shooting from the middle of the court on 2K view…you barely can even see the ball!

Notes: I remember when I first came across his shot release way back when. I had to look up a clip online to make sure he really shot like that.

1. Joakim Noah (New York Knicks)

Release Time: Normal

Shooting Form: Release 11

Shot Base: Set Shot 5

The big dog of shot releases, the 1st cousin of the grandma shot, is legendary because of how crazy it looks. I think even spins differently when he shoots it.

Noah, you’re a fool for this one, so it’s without question why he sits atop Sports Gamers Online Top 10 Players with the Worst Shot Releases in NBA 2K17

Alright Sports Gamers, do you agree with the list? If not, who do you think deserved to be called out in the video. Leave a comment down below and stay tuned for more NBA 2K17 content to come on the channel so subscribe if you haven’t so you don’t miss anything.

Thank you all for watching and be good y’all.

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