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NBA 2K18 Top 10 All-Time Teams

NBA 2K18 All-Time

With NBA 2K18 introducing All-Time teams this year, we do what we always do and rank them. So here’s our Top 10 All-Time teams in NBA 2K18. Be sure to check out the video above and subscribe via YouTube.

NBA 2K18 Top 10 All-Time Teams

Utah Jazz

Led by the most effective pick and roll tandem of all-time, Stockton and Malone, the Jazz are built a little funny. Their default starting five is all guys from the past. While their bench is mostly current NBA players. There’s nothing wrong with that, however, when you’re going against teams that have a 90 rated 11th man, that could get you ran out the gym. Stockton and Pistol Pete do form one of the best backcourts in the game. There’s also Adrian Dantley, the guy people started saying “just gets Buckets,” referring to his ability to  to keep the Jazz alive in most games. A nice perk with Utah is they will always have the paint protected. They have their squad of elite shot blockers led by Mark Eaton who has a 98 rating. Their bench is led by NBA Jam legend Jeff Hornacek. Although, like I mentioned, he might get ran out the gym due to them being a bunch of current NBA players going against most other teams legends filled benches. You’re going to have to rely heavily on the Malone, Stockton,Dantley and Maravich line to get most of your points.

Orlando Magic

First off, the fact that Turkoglu didn’t make the squad but Aaron Gordon did, is messed up. The crazy thing about the Magic’s All-Time squad is the team hasn’t been around that long. In addition, their top four players were all considered among the best at their position at one point. I always thought the ’94-95 Magic team before was cheese with Shaq doing anything he wanted and Penny abusing smaller point guards. Then, you had to deal with Horace Grant, Nick Anderson and Dennis Scott bombing 3’s from half court. It’s no surprise all landed on the all-time team.

Finally, you add peak Dwight Howard, when he had a little post game with Tracy McGrady. The same year he averaged 32 a game and took the Pistons to 7 in the playoffs when his second best player was Darrel Armstrong. To round it out, they have post injuries Grant Hill at Small Forward. Spacing wise, this team is terrible and you’re going to have to break up the Dwight and Shaq combo and play Nick Anderson, Jameer Nelson and Dennis Scott for major minutes in order for this team to reach its full potential.

San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs made the top 10 solely off the strength of their Starting five. However, their bench leaves much to be desired. They’re led by a prime Tim Duncan and elite scorer George “The Ice Man” Gervin at shooting guard. Then, the Specimen David Robinson, a 26 year old Tony Parker, the best 2 way player in the league at the moment Kawhi Leonard and Ginobli with hair off the bench. Their bench, outside of Ginobli, isn’t the best. They do, however, have 3-point snipers Vinny Del Negro and Sean Elliot lying in wait. If you want to really lock things up on the perimeter, you can sub in Bruce Bowen alongside Leonard.

Sacramento Kings

The Kings probably have the best point guard depth of any all-time team. They come with different flavors too. You can throw in Mr. Triple double Oscar Robinson, Iverson of the 70’s, and 80’s Nate Archibald. Furthermore you have White Chocolate, to try all those fancy passes and Mike Bibby. Mitch Richmond and Peja provide elite knock down shooters and a nice three man big rotation of Cousins, Chris Webber and John Lucas, who is one of the best shooters on the team.

Chicago Bulls

If we’re being honest, the all-time Bulls aren’t that deep. It makes sense when you think about it. They were garbage before Jordan and afterwards until Rose hit the scene. They can roll out a lineup of Jordan, Butler, Pippen, Rodman and Noah and they might allow 20 points. The thing that’s killer with this squad is they lack any consistent 3-point threat outside of Kerr. No way you are going to start him over Rose. With this squad, peak Rose and prime MJ with a side of Scottie should be enough against most all-time teams, but against the better shooting ones, this might not be the best team to pick.

Oklahoma City Thunder

We can finally team up Durant, and Westbrook. Getting over the fact that they’re called the all-time Thunder, their starting five combines two era’s in the Sonic/Thunder basketball team with a prime Ray Allen when he was still dunking on cats throw in. In the half court, having Durant and Ray Allen spreading the floor to run constant Westbrook/Kemp pick and rolls is a winning strategy. Then, from their bench, you can run the Mike Dantoni offense with Harden and his squad of shooters in Dale Ellis, Detlef Schrempf and Ibaka. They’re not a traditional team position wise in the slightest.

Houston Rockets

Houston is probably the most fun team to use, in my opinion. You got the Dream and his 1,000 post moves playing power forward, James Harden at the point with their wings of McGrady and Drexler dunking on any and everybody. Then, Yao Ming at center. Him and Hakeem will shut down the paint so you’re going to have to work outside against this team. Lastly, you can throw 7-4 Ralph Sampson at people. Oh and they got Calvin Murphy with his money mid ranger and a prime Steve Francis as first guards off the bench.

Golden State Warriors

For one, how did Kevin Durant make the all-time Warriors squad? He’s only been there for one season. The all-time Warriors, much like the current Warrior,s will run you out the gym. Their starting lineup can put in Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Durant, Rick Barry and a splash of Wilt Chamberlain in the middle. Follow that by their bench collection of different Warriors cores ranging from Run TMC to “B Diddy” Baron Davis, Monta Ellis, Jason Richardson, Draymond Green and Nate Thurmond. The Warriors seemingly have no weaknesses and above all else, arguably the greatest collection of shooters.

Los Angeles Lakers

As the team with the second most titles in NBA History, you would expect them to have a pretty impressive roster. They 11 guys 90 or above with two bigs in Kareem and Shaq. The all-time Lakers have plenty of options in the front court to mix and match. I do have a problem with Kareem being a 96; he’s not higher than Shaq and Kobe. Also, there’s a one year younger version of him on the Bucks that is a 99. Deep down, I wish they had Fro-Kobe instead of the 35 points per game version.

Boston Celtics

At a deserving number one spot, the most overpowered unfair team, the Boston Celtics. They roll out 10 players 90 or above in overall, six with A+ 3 Pt, five with A+ Mid, and five A+ rebounders. You can do hockey subs with this squad and not miss a beat. Bird is near 99 in all shooting categories. You also got Bill Russell patrolling the middle. Havlicek with 95 mid and 94 from 3 in addition to Cousy who is just as nasty. Paul Pierce is a 94 with Cowens and Parish waiting to be tagged in. If you’re online and you use this team, you should be ashamed of yourself. They do have the GOAT, Antoine Walker, buried at the end of the bench.

Alright Sports Gamers, do you agree with the list? If not, what All Time team do you think deserved to make the list? Leave it in the comments down below. Stay tuned for more NBA 2K18 content here at Sports Gamers Online. Be sure to check back here daily so you don’t miss anything we put out

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