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NBA 2K22 Gameplay: What We Can Expect

As we inch closer to the release of NBA 2K22, we’ve learned very little about what features the game includes. There have only been screenshots of players and sparse details of the MyCareer mode. However, NBA 2K’s gameplay director Michael Wang made his pre-release beluba bombs revealing big information about NBA 2K22.

Michael Wang hopped on Twitter in the dead of night and answered some fan’s burning questions regarding NBA 2K22. In summary, this is what Wang revealed.

NBA 2K22 and what we can expect


  • Current and next-gen are much more similar on-court this year compared to the last


  • Shot aiming is gone and “more predictable” this year.
  • You do not need to be a high overall to be able to be a perimeter threat, but timing still matters.
  • The vibration shot cue is removed.
  • Turning off the shot meter still gives players a boost.
  • There is a new shot meter.
  • The steady Shooter badge is removed.


  • NBA 2K22 will be closer to NBA 2K20 control-wise. For example, holding the pro stick always shoots in 2K20. However, there are new moves/combos you’re going to want to learn.


  • New seasonal animation content drops are for MyPLAYERS only. The goal is to keep the game fresh all year long and encourage players to use signature moves that they otherwise may not have. However, there will still be a variety of moves to choose from at launch.
  • Some of the seasonal content will be exclusive, but the actual on-court gameplay signatures (shots and moves) will stay in once it is released.
  • More animations based on size and ability are coming.
  • More jump shot landings will be added.
  • The plan is to release the same signature animations on both generations.


  • You will not lose your 99 overall on next-gen, however, the 99 overall will fluctuate on current-gen. 

Wang also said that a trailer will be coming soon. He also said he would expand on the new gameplay details in the upcoming courtside report. Let us know down below if these upcoming changes in NBA 2K22 gameplay excite you.

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