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NBA 2K17 MyPark Tips: Most Common Duos

Our Top 5 MyPark 2v2 Combos broken down by Build: How to use them and our best advice for defending them.

The Duo: Playmaker/Point Forward and Stretch Big

The Build: You will see mostly 6’3 or 6’4 Playmakers paired with 7’3 Stretch Bigs

Recommendation: We enjoy versatility in our MyPark duos so we like having a 6’9 to 6’10 Point Forward paired with a shorter Stretch, around 6’11.  This lets you switch everything on defense, both have some speed and height which and gives you more options on offense.  But there is a reason the short Playmaker and big Stretch is common, it works.

The Strategy: While this is not our playstyle, the most effective way to use this duo is to pick and roll/pop.  The stretch’s screens will not be as effective as a glass cleaner because bronze brick wall will not knock your opponent to the ground, but they can still disrupt the defense enough to cause confusion.  As the playmaker you should learn how to speed boost.  There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube, and all you need is 86 Ball Control.  Have the Stretch set high screens, speed boost from behind the screen, and drive.  There will be a couple of options here.

  1. You will have a wide open lane which you should take it to the rack.
  2. The defense will switch and they try to meet you at the rim, which you should take the open midrange.
  3. Both defenders try to collapse on you and you kick it out to the Stretch for the wide open three. With Hof Dimer, Hof Catch and Shoot, Hof Limitless, Hotzones, etc. you should make the open thee 80% of the time.
  4. They switch, cut you off, and one stays back on the stretch.  The stretch should then cut straight to the rim where his size should give him an easy 2.  If they both crash, the stretch can pass it back to the playmaker for an open mid range.

You won’t always get a wide open shot, but running these plays will give you more options to take an efficient shot.

How to Defend it:  If you have a big on your team, I would attempt to go underneath the screens with your guard to avoid the big having to switch to the playmaker.  You shouldn’t have to worry about the playmaker hitting every deep 3, especially with the latest patch.  Cut off the lane for driving and make them shoot.  With make it take it, the worst shot they can take is a slightly contested 3 with the playmaker.

If you have two guards then we would attempt a zone.  Have one guy on each side of the screen and don’t let the playmaker drive.  They will have the advantage with the stretch down low, but most of the time they will want to run their normal pick and pop offense.  If they do get the ball down low, your best bet is to foul.

The ideal Duo to stop this team would be a taller lockdown guard and a taller point forward.

The Duo: Playmaker/Point Forward and Sharpshooter

The Build: You will mostly see a 6’5 Playmaker paired with a 6’2 Sharpshooter

Recommendation: We still prefer having height so instead of playmaker, we would recommend a taller Point Forward.  The 6’2 Sharpshooter is ideal.

The Strategy: The playmaker needs to be good in iso situations for this pair to work.  The better they are at getting past their man, the more effective the duo will be. The strategy is similar to the Stretch and Playmaker duo, but either person can be the main ball handler.  Obviously the playmaker is better, but you have more options.  Also when screening, instead of pick and pops, you should throw in more pick and rolls.  Keep the defense on their toes.  Most of the time they will expect the sharp to hang around 3 point line and they won’t be expecting the cut.  Otherwise the strategy is the same of the first duo we mentioned.

How to Defend it: Again we preach height, but defending this build will require speed as well.  Both of the players will be able to speedboost (if the sharp is 6’2 or under and from sunset), so speed is important to stay in front of them on defense.  You shouldn’t need to switch on screens as the sharp’s screens won’t do much to slow you down.  Again the strategy is to hang back a little bit off the playmaker, but stick tight to the sharp.  With HoF limitless, the sharp can still hit over half their shots from the hash mark.

The ideal Duo to stop this team would be a taller lockdown and an average height point forward.

The Duo: Playmaker/Point Forward and Point Forward

The Build:  Two 6’8” Point Forwards

Recommendation: Vary the height of the Point Forwards. At 6’10 a point forward is still capable of speed boosting in sunset with a playmaking boost and will have enough size to guard the paint.

The Strategy: ISO ball and cutting. Find the mismatch and exploit it. Between the two of you one will likely have either a size advantage at the 1 or a speed advantage at the 2. Lateral quickness is 40 points slower than speed with ball in general. Take advantage of the low lateral quickness of the center going wide and changing directions quickly.

How to Defend it: You are likely on an island in this case. Hopefully you have enough strength to disrupt their dribble chains by bodying them on the perimeter; bruiser will help with this even at bronze. Give space and make sure your opponent does not go around you. Your goal is to run down the shot clock and force a contested deep 2 or a 3. Give up a few offensive rebounds and you are in trouble.


The Duo: Sharpshooter and Glass Cleaner

The Build: You will most see a 6’2 Sharpshooter and a 7’3 Glass Cleaner

Recommendation: This is pretty much the ideal build with this duo. The sharpshooter can speed boost and the Glass is big enough to dominate in the paint.  We do prefer 7’2 in order to get Bigman Contact Dunks.

The Strategy: When playing against this duo, you will see screens, screens, and more screens.  HoF brick wall is one of the best badges in the game when upgraded to hall of fame.  When the opponent sprints into the screen, we found they get knocked down 46.5% of the time, compared to 35% from gold, and 0% from bronze and no badge.  The play will be to speedboost from behind the glass cleaners screens.  There are a couple of options when starting the play.

  1. When running behind the screen, the glass cleaner knocks of the defender down. If wide open the sharp can take the open 3 with confidence.
  2. If the second defender rotates to contest the 3, pass to the glass as he rolls to the basket for the wide open dunk.
  3. The first two plays are your bread and butter, but sometimes they don’t go as planned. Luckily with the Glass Cleaner, you have more options.  Have the Glass get position near the near and let him go to work.  With his high strength, he can back people down and get under basket contact dunks.
  4. If you give the ball to the Glass in the post and they double team him, pass out to the sharp to the wide open three.
  5. If the glass does not make progress when posting up, and they are covering the three tightly, have the sharp cut to the basket when the defender won’t expect it.

Again not every play will work 100% of the time, but these will give you simple options to give you high percentage looks.

How to Defend it: Again, we recommend taller players that have the ability to switch on defense. We like a tall point forward (6’10) at the 2 spot that can slow down the glass cleaner, keep up a bit with the sharp, and take advantage of the glass on offense.  The best way to stop them is by running a zone.  You need good communication in order to pull it off.  Do not sprint into screens. When you sprint into the screen, you have a 30% higher chance of getting knocked down than walking into the screen.

The Duo: Playmaker and Glass Cleaner

The Build: 6’4 is the maximum height for a playmaker while still getting maximum speed. This will be paired with a 7’3 Glass Cleaner.

Recommendation: The above common is exactly what you want to run this duo. Once again we will recommend 7’2 Glass Cleaner instead of 7’3 to get the big man contact dunk package. Every NBA team runs pick and roll and now you do too. Set the high screen as the big man and hope to knock your opponent over. Rinse and repeat. Pick & Roll Maestro on Hall of Fame will make you unstoppable from midrange.

How to Defend it: There is no great way to deal with this combo, which is we have it listed as the top MyPark duo. Your best bet on defense is to run a zone. Do your best to not touch the screener at all. One person on the left and one on the right, whichever direction the ball handler goes that person picks him up. Shift the zone that direction because another screen will be on its way. Once again a contested jumper is your goal. If the glass cleaner recovers to the paint in time and gets multiple offensive rebounds you are likely going to lose so be sure to box out as far from the basket as possible.

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