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New Carry System Explored In 2K Spotlight #5

WWE 2K18 Carry System

Staying true to their Twitter announcement, 2K released another episode of the 2K Spotlight series. In episode five, Lynell Jinks details WWE 2K18‘s new carry system.

WWE 2K18 Carry System

You can catch the full video above, via YouTube or on Twitter. The new carry system comes in addition to some new gameplay footage as well. The system allows players to carry or drag their opponents. This is to make it much easier and more intuitive to navigate your opponent around the ring. The standard carry has four positions: on the shoulder, fireman’s carry, cradle and powerbomb. There are a ton of hotspots in the ring and around the arena, in which players can interact with when carrying someone. These set ups include buckle-bombs, ring-tosses and barricade powerbombs.

If you’re being carried, you’re not completely defenseless. Within the mechanic, players can rapidly tap the CIRCLE or B button to defend against the carry system. Other factors like weight and fatigue will also effect the success of the carry.

Learning From The Past?

The carry system has been heavily compared to the ultimate control scheme from Smackdown vs. RAW 2007. There are some glaring similarities, however, this year is prime to have some large improvements over the older mechanic. In addition to new animations, the carrying clutch can be modify on the go. There are plenty of new hotspots compared to 2007. The carry system also overhauls all other basic drags from previous games with additional clutches like kneeling opponents. Ultimately, whether or not the carry system is a glorified ultimate control is arbitrary. The new mechanic will likely generate a lot of cool spots for players. It does add a bit more authenticity to match pacing. That’s evident in the gameplay above. WWE 2K18 is on its way. Be sure to stay tuned for the fourth and final roster reveal.

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