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New Destiny DLC Leaked: Comet, Forge of Gods & more..


Information regarding New Destiny DLC leaked to the net today detailing the release schedule of Bungie’s Destiny DLC content. The Image shows a bigger DLC pack called “Comet: Plague of Darkness”, coming September 2015, only after mentioning that House of Wolves will release on March 10th. The next two DLC packs after Comet appear to be related to the Vex.














House of Wolves
Date: March 10th, 2015
Locations: Cosmodrome, Moon, Venus, Reef
Activities: 3 Story, 1 Strike, 1 Raid, 4 PvP Maps

Comet: Plague of Darkness
Date: September 2015
Locations: Moon, Venus, Mars, Hive Ship
Activities: 12 Story, 4 Strike, 1 Raid, 1 Location, 6 PvP Maps
Bonus: New subclasses and 2 new weapon types

Date: TBA
Locations: Venus, Mars
Activities: 3 Story, 2 Strike, 1 Raid, ? PvP Maps

Forge of Gods
Date: TBA
Locations: TBA
Activities: TBA

I think we can consider the new expansions to be Destiny 1.5 since they will include a ton of new content, classes, weapons types and even a new location.  It is looking like the “Comet” expansion will revolve around the Hive, it has not been revealed yet what the new raid will entail.  We will be sure to keep on the lookout on any new Destiny content leaked or released so stay tuned..


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