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New Footage And Screenshots – WWE 2K18 Dev Spotlight

New Footage And Screenshots WWE 2K18

Last week, 2K revealed the first two screenshots of WWE 2K18 featuring the cover star Seth Rollins. This week, however, 2K has graced us with new footage and screenshots from this year’s game. You can watch the video above or on YouTube and simply look below for the details.

New Footage And Screenshots

2K Dev Spotlight Series episode four focused on the graphical upgrades for WWE 2K18. To show off some of the work, 2K even did a side-by-side comparison with WWE 2K17.

New Footage and Screenshots
Beast Incarnate

Not only can you see the difference in skin tones, you can also see the improved hair rendering and material finishes. The WWE Universal Championship strap has its rough leather look and Brock Lesnar’s gloves feature a more realistic black finish.

The footage itself has a lot to offer as well and not just in terms of visual fidelity. The lighting looks incredible this year and flickers are visibility noticeable during entrances. You can see this in Randy Orton’s entrance comparison in the video above. In addition, the footage revealed that the commentary booth has been moved for the RAW arena. Pretty neat.

While the game is proven to look visually stunning, it’s about that time where fans are hungry for some gameplay. With SummerSlam right around the corner, be sure to stay tuned here as we will be watching WWE 2K18 closely. If you haven’t seen the first set of screenshots already, we’ve got you covered here.

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