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New Japan Invades Fire Pro Wrestling

Fire Pro Wrestling

When you think wrestling, you typically think WWE. When you think Wrestling video games, you typically think WWE, for better or worse. That may change. Late December, competing company New Japan pro Wrestling announced it would have a major game announcement in early January. Within that time, New Japan Pro Wrestling announced it would be collaborating with popular steam wrestling game Fire Pro Wrestling World.

New Japan – Fire Pro Wrestling Collaboration

Many expected it to be a new game altogether, New Japan Pro Wrestling instead partnered with an already well-known title. The collaboration will see the stars of NJPW officially available in Fire Pro Wrestling World when it arrives on the PlayStation 4.

The game will feature more than just NJPW talent. In addition, there will be game modes and career mode specific to NJPW.

Why Go Fire Pro?

    Organize exhibition matches, tournaments, leagues, championship bouts and battle royals with players from around the world.
    Create your dream wrestler from over a thousand devastating moves and even more body parts to battle for custom championship belts. Personalize the ring, mat logos and even the referee!
    Give your creations personalities with a robust CPU logic system that defines their every action. Does your wrestler play to the crowd, or play dirty? You provide actors for the ringside drama.

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