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New Super Mega Baseball 3 Details Revealed

Super Mega Baseball 3 Development EA Sports

With the release of Super Mega Baseball 3 approaching, developer Metalhead Software took to Reddit to provide players with a list of answers to a number of the biggest questions fans have had about the game.

Check out the details below, or head over to the game’s subreddit.


When is Super Mega Baseball 3 coming out, on what platforms, and what will it cost?

Super Mega Baseball 3 will be released sometime in April on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam for $44.99 USD. The game is currently going through standard testing/approval procedures with each platform – as soon as we have the launch day locked in, we’ll let you know!

Will it be available in any subscription services?

There are currently no plans to include SMB3 in any subscription services.

Will there be a beta or demo and when will it be available?

There will be demo/trial versions on all four platforms on launch day, which will let you play an unlimited number of Pennant Race games (with team/stadium limitations) and provide limited access to other game modes. There will not be a beta version.

Can you release the demo/trial version now?

No, the demo/trial versions will not be approved for release any sooner than the full products – we’ll be releasing both as soon as reasonably possible.

Will there be a physical version of the game?

No, it would be pretty cool but for now (and especially given current global circumstances) Super Mega Baseball 3 will be a digital-only title.

Does SMB3 have in-game purchases or DLC?

There are no in-game purchases and we don’t currently have plans for any DLC. But we will continue to support and update the game for some time post-launch!


Is SMB3 cross-platform?

Yes, Pennant Race mode is cross-platform across all platforms, but arranged matches in all other modes are not. We do know that arranged cross-platform matches are highly requested, and we’ll consider it for post-launch updates – we cannot make any promises right now.

Will there be an online Season mode?

Maybe not in the sense you’re imagining. You’ll be able to play or simulate any combo of games/teams in customized Seasons and Elimination modes, and you can do this in an arranged party online with one user being the league owner. The type of organized online Season mode that you’re probably thinking of (with each participant controlling one team) is highly requested, though, and we’ll factor that into our decisions about post-launch updates. As usual, no promises!


Can Franchise mode be played online?

Franchise mode is played with one human-controlled team against the CPU, and can be played solo or with local/online co-op.

Will there be a salary cap in Franchise mode?

Yes, you will have to keep your team’s payroll under a cap.

Will there be an All-Star game in Franchise or Season mode?

We won’t have this at launch, but it’s something we may consider in future updates.

Will players’ skills fluctuate throughout their career?

Yes! Through Player Development and aging, players’ skills and traits will change over the course of their careers.

Does Franchise mode have trades?

Maybe not in the traditional sense that you’re imagining, but players can and will move between teams during the season and offseason through the sign/release system, which we’ll explain more about in an upcoming reveal video.

Will there be any opportunities to improve player’s statistics and traits in Franchise mode?

For sure! Player Development allows players to hone their skills, combat the effects of aging and can also provide an opportunity to gain or lose a situational trait.

Can you tell us more about Franchise mode?

We’re working on a reveal video to share more about Franchise mode with you, hang tight until that comes.


Is there a knuckleball or any other new types of pitches?

No, the pitch types have not changed from SMB2 – but there are some changes to pitching mechanics which will be explained in an upcoming reveal video!

Will SMB3 have fully customizable Elimination brackets?

You will be able to set up Elimination brackets with teams seeded as you desire. There will be some limits to the format of the bracket, though.

Will SMB3 have a batting practice mode?

Practice modes did not make the cut for SMB3, but we’ll consider changes that make practicing your skills easier for future updates.

Will SMB3 have a home run derby mode?

Not at launch. This is another request we’ve seen quite a bit, so it’ll be up for consideration to implement in a future update. No promises though.

Will SMB3 have instant replays?

Instant replays did not make the cut for SMB3, but we are aware there is interest in this going forward.

Is the Ego difficulty system still around?

It sure is! Some new mechanics will take some getting used to and the higher end of Ego difficulties may be a bit harder than you remember, though, so we’d recommend starting on a lower Ego than you were playing SMB2 at.

Did you add a fielder switching mechanic?

Yes! We’ll explain how this will work in an upcoming reveal video.

Are there pickoffs?

There sure are! There are new pickoff and stealing mechanics as well as other additions to round out the baseball sim like wild pitches/passed balls and situational player traits.

Can we have a Designated Hitter?

Yes! DHs made it into SMB3, but of course you’ll have the option of whether or not you want to play with them.


Can we import rosters from SMB2 to SMB3?

Not at launch, at least. It’s on our list of highly requested features to be considered for post-launch updates, but we can’t make any promises.

Will there be a roster vault?

No. It’s something we’ll continue to consider going forward, but it’s a complicated issue.

Will all of the stadiums from SMB2 be featured in SMB3?

Yes! All 10 of the stadiums from SMB2 are returning (which includes SMB2’s DLC stadiums), along with 4 brand new parks!

Can games be played in both day and night conditions?

Yes! All 14 ballparks feature unique day, night and alternate lighting conditions.

Have you added more head types?

Yes! We’ve added new male and female heads to give more variety to your teams.

Are there any new teams in SMB3?

Yep! There are four new teams, one of which will be officially revealed this Friday.

Do players have the same skill categories as SMB2 (eg. Power, Contact, etc.)?

The familiar skill categories will return, but players may now also have up to two situational player traits that make them perform better (or worse) in certain situations.

Are roster sizes still 21 and is my pitching staff still made up of 4 starters and 4 relievers?

Roster sizes remain at 21, however we’ve made pitching roles more flexible and some pitchers may now act as starters or long relievers. This will be explained in more detail in an upcoming reveal video.

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