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NHL 17 Brings EASHL Progression, Customization, and Tons of Improvements

nhl 17 eashl gameplay improvements

EA has posted a new NHL 17 blog on their website talking about EASHL and what gameplay improvements we’ll be seeing this year. There are a lot! The blog talks about player and club progression, customization, play classes, anti-griefing improvements, and general improvements.

Let’s get into it!

First up on the list is player and club progression. In NHL 17, competing in EASHL games will earn you experience for your player and your club. Winning games and earning milestone badges will offer even more experience, helping you to level up faster. Leveling up and unlocking badges will reward new customization options for players and clubs.

eashl2After you pass the level 50 mark, you’ll earn prestige 1 and start over at level 1. Ranking up your prestige will also unlock prestige items for your team, leading all the way to prestige 3 level 50.

Winning or losing will also affect your competitive player rating, which helps to rank players in EASHL appropriately, allowing for closer and more competitive matches.

eashl4In terms of customization, NHL 17 will also add an EASHL team editor through the creation zone, allowing you to customize your EASHL team identity by using thousands of different combinations.

Leveling up your club will also allow you access to more arena customization. After creating your team you’ll have access to two brand new community rinks exclusive to EASHL, but you can unlock larger arenas and customization options for things like scoreboards.

eashl5There are also a number of different arena types in EASHL this year. Small, large, junior, semi-pro, and pro arenas will offer varying levels of customization in addition to the space.

Returning in NHL 17 are specialized player classes, of which there are quite a few. EA promises that the classes will be balanced through the beta.

eashl6There have been a number of improvements to the mode as well, including anti-griefing improvements. Goalies can no longer quit, team play will be improved, pauses have been reduced to one per game, and the grace period has been reduced.

For general improvements, matchmaking has been improved, and you can now play as a group. Online connection should also be improved. The blog also comes with a brand new trailer, which you can check out up top.

So there you have it, plenty of improvements coming to EASHL in NHL 17. What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments, and as always, stay tuned to SGO for more NHL 17 news.

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