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NHL 17: Patch 1.03 is Available for PS4 and Xbox One

NHL 17

Patch 1.03 for EA’s NHL 17 is now available for PS4 and Xbox One. The patch brings changes to HUT, EASHL, and the general gameplay experience, but it isn’t a massive upgrade.

The details for Patch 1.03 are as follows:


  • Improved functionality to stick lifts in open ice and during net battles

EA Sports Hockey League

  • Addressed issue with EASHL Drop-in’s where captains on the Class Select screen couldn’t change player class or jersey selection
  • Added a roster download check on entry into EASHL to fix an issue where Creation Zone in EASHL wouldn’t load newly added jerseys or equipment
  • Resolution to a jersey issue seen by some users after they switched from custom uniforms to stock
  • Resolved issue where some EASHL teams were not able to match up in regular season games after winning an EASHL Playoff Championship

Hockey Ultimate Team

  • Reduced the chances of the HUT infinite load issue from occurring
  • Added additional telemetry logging to help us gather more information about the HUT infinite load issue


  • Improved game stability online and offline based on some crash issues seen by the community

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