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NHL 18 Glitch Randomly Deposits 7 Million HUT Coins Into Player Accounts

NHL 18 7 million coins glitch

A glitch in EA Sports NHL 18‘s HUT game mode reportedly deposited seven million coins into random players’ accounts. Users from around various discussion forums like reddit, claim they found 7 million HUT coins in their accounts after an unexpected crash the previous night.

NHL 18 Coin Glitch

With rumors swirling and NHL 18 players questioning EA’s dedication to customer service, the issue has reportedly been fixed. Shortly after, Tyler Horsfall, NHL 18 community manager, explained the issue in a Twitter post.

The Ultimate Team game modes are incredibly popular across the EA Sports line of games. Madden Ultimate Team, FIFA Ultimate Team, and NHL Hockey Ultimate Team all operate in a similar fashion. Coins are both earned and purchased through microtransactions from EA’s online store.

Seven million coins is an incredibly ridiculous amount, even for the most dedicated Ultimate Team players. You can imagine the level of surprise when players unexpectedly discovered an extra seven million in their accounts.

Possible Denial

One HUT player reports to have asked EA about the claims of these players in an email to the support team. In a response, the player insist EA Sports says these players didn’t receive the 7 million HUT coins and they are “making up” the whole story. To think anyone would make that up is strange. Here’s a snapshot of the the forum post that suggests EA is denying the glitch.

NHL 18 forum discussion on 7 million HUT coins








One HUT player was shocked to find an in game notice upon launching NHL 18 earlier that day. This player claimed to have not even received the free coins, but for some reason EA thinks their account had falsely accumulated HUT coins. You can check out the image this user shared of an in game screen shot.

NHL 18 in game screenshot announcing temporary suspension after 7 million HUT coins issueThe image is sort of blurred, and we did our best to enhance the text. However, if you look closely, the attention notice essentially contains a message from the NHL 18 team stating that a three day hold or suspension has been placed on their HUT account. The message says this is due to “unfairly receiving coins.”

For a while now, some in the gaming community claim EA has been unfairly charging their customers to unlock special features in their games that many feel should already be included in the original price. Microtransactions are expected to overtake EA’s in store game sales and will likely make up a large portion of the company’s overall revenues as they move forward.

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