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No, EA Sports and WWE Are Not Working Together

WWE 2K20

It started from a simple job posting by EA Sports looking to hire an Associate Producer, but it didn’t take long for many — including some “news outlets” — to start speculating that the WWE and EA were going into business together.

In the posting, there were mentions of the following:

  • Edit/check/test/tune the team and player data in WWE and in-game on a constant basis.
  • Bug and WWE feedback management
  • WWE or football data editing experience.

With the announcement that no WWE 2K21 would be coming this year, people were quick to grasp to the hope of a new simulation wrestling title coming out elsewhere. Unfortunately for them, the WWE mentioned in the job posting isn’t the same as the largest wrestling organization in the world.

WWE actually stands for World Web Editor, a platform utilized in software development. For EA Sports, it’s a platform used in developing it’s FIFA Soccer franchise.

As far as WWE’s relationship with 2K Sports is concerned, the partnership still has “multiple years” left, sources tell Sports Gamers Online. On top of that, both parties involved are still said to be happy with one another despite the flop that was 2K20.

2K Sports is set to release 2K Battlegrounds later this year in place of the traditional simulation game. Battlegrounds is an over-the-top arcade wrestling game with unique arenas, cartoon-style superstars, new match types, and exaggerated moves.

So sports gamers, did you buy the EA Sports rumors? Let us know in the comment section below, and stick with Sports Gamers Online for more sports gaming news and content.

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